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RAF Type M2 Oxygen Mask - complete in box of issue, factory packed. Unissued, unused and never removed from box.

The Type M and M2 oxygen masks were the precursors of the Type P "fastjet" oxygen delivery system, in service for a very short time and produced in very small numbers. This example is impossible to upgrade, being in absolutely perfect condition; the rubber is as soft and supple as the day it was made. Opened only for inspection and still with all its original padding and packing materials, and contained in its heavy cardboard transit box dated December 1961. The best possible example of an early jet age fighter pilot's mask.


WWII RAF large size dinghy knife and scabbard.

This dinghy knife was produced in two sizes: the smaller one was often secured to the Mae West life jacket or to the one-man Type K Dinghy. This larger model (over 9" long) was issued with the multi-place dinghies carried on bomber and reconnaissance aircraft. Other than their relative size, both types were identical: cork handle (to float); curved blade with rounded point (to prevent puncturing the dinghy); and leather scabbard sewn to rubberized fabric base for cementing to the sidewall of the dinghy. The handle is secured to the scabbard with a length of cord. Knife is in excellent condition, leather very good, rubberized fabric a little dried out, but overall a very good example.

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RAF "Responsibilities of a POW" card, AP1548.  


Issued to all RAF airmen involved i active combat duties, yet few of these have survived. Tri-fold, 6-panel printed card with instructions for all members of aircrew in the event of bring shot down and captured. Includes how to deal with interrogation, the protection of the Geneva Convention, etc. Considered confidential (Restricted) and "Not to be taken into the air." An interesting read and an important survival item.

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RAF Sea Boot Socks - Dark blue. 


As with the "Frock white", the sea boot socks were eventually changed from white (or off white) to navy blue. This is a superb example of the later issue navy blue sea boot socks. Dark blue wool in unissued, unworn condition, still with clear broad arrow ink stamps on both feet and retaining their cotton labels to the top. Worn inside the flying boots, usually with another pair of socks for added warmth. Why the Air Ministryt switched from white to blue isn't clear (since dying the "natural" wool required an additional step, but perhaps it had to do with visibility at night if an airman was shot down and trying to evade capture. Less common than the white socks.


WW2 RAF Aircraft Inspection Lamp Mk II. 


These don;t turn up very often, but they make great accessories for a Bomber Command display. Used by crews in the "heavies" when night flying to check for damage or trying to find their way around. The cord is on a reel which is wound inside the body of the lamp using the compact handle that doubles as a hanging hook. Beautiful Air Ministry markings and stores ref. no, 5c/369 denoting aircraft use. Blue grey painted copper construction with two-pin plug and nice AM marked lightbulb. Minor fraying on cord otherwise excellent condition.


Fabulous 1930s named Army Air Corps uniform tunic with brief history. 


Classic mid-1930s style US Air Corps service dress tunic with excellent bullion pilot wing and 33rd Infantry Division shoulder patch, plus bullion lieutenant's rank bars and collar devices. tailor's label to Frank Bros. of San Antonio. Typically for the period, there is no name tag, but inked inside the sleeve are the initials "R.R.B" - this was often how tailors identified uniforms. Uniform is attributed to R.R. "Bur" Burly, who served with the 108th Observation Squadron, c.1937 attached to the 33rd Infantry Division, Illinois National Guard. Called up in 1941 he served in the Canal Zone with the 6th Air Force. The 108th was assigned to the 72nd Observation group and was the first National Guard unit mobilized overseas in WWII. Jacket is in excellent condition. One top pocket button detached but inside pocket. Needs more research.

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RAAF Battledress blouse, ID'd to WWII pilot with a long and successful RAAF career.


RAAF officer’s battledress,  probably just postwar, with wing commander rank, superb WW2 RAAF wing, AFC and other ribbons. Named simply to Ingate. Wing Commander (later AV Marshal) J.L. “Jack” Ingate, DFC, AFC, flew with 600 Sqdn RAF, (Beaufighters and Mosquitoes) early in WWII. After the war, he stayed in RAAF and rose to the rank of Air Vice Marshal. BD jacket is in great condition and was evidently obtained prior to his award of the DFC. A nice named/attributed uniform item.

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RCAF Khaki Drill service dress jacket with flight sergeant stripes.


Nice RCAF khaki drill tunic with RCAF buttons, embroidered tropical green/red sleeve eagles and Canadian sergeant's stripes with uniquely Canadian large embroidered crowns. Includes belt and belt hooks but lacks buckle (easily replaced). Ink stamp inside is faint but legible with date of 1942. Perfect display for RCAF desert ground crew. Jacket is in very good condition, with minor stains here and there but no damage and displays well.

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WWII RAF officer's side cap, high quality custom made. 


Very nicely tailored RAF officer's side cap with correct brass buttons and blackened brass or bronzed eagle/crown badge. Badge actually looks more like an Australian type. Very high quality. Blue velvet sweatband, satin lining. No tags or maker's mars I can see. Excellent condiion.


RAF navigator's chart marking pencils, set of 4.


Set of 4 pencils for chart-marking and  plotting the aircraft course to target and home again. One each blue, black, red wax type (chinagraph) and a soft pencil. These are faintly marked and include the  S-crown-O  for HM Stationery Office which procured and supplied such equipment. All used but very good condition and perfectly usable. This is the second and last set of these I have available

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RAAF Tropical Issue Khaki Drill shorts.


Superb, unissued pair of RAAF Tropical Issue Khaki Drill shorts. Rich colour, never issued or worn and still retain their original paper tag, as well as their V324 maker's label dated 1943. Large size with all buttons and buckles in place. A great find, impossible to upgrade.

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US Army Air Force officer’s custom tailored “Ike” jacket by a private English tailor.

US Army Air Force officer’s “Ike” jacket, custom tailored by Chester Barrie in England. A lovely custom tailored jacket with no less than three separate labels inside: The standard tailor's label, plus the tailor's customer label (stamped but not filled out) plus  the addition of an “official” approved UK government label, complete with broad arrow mark, making it somewhat unusual. Excellent condition. No insignia and a slightly unusual pattern.

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Superb original WWI WRAF photograph


Excellent and large fornat original photograph showing three women of the WRAF in WWI. an outstanding example of the uniforms they wore c.1918-19.  Approx. 4" x 6" with slight creasing / cracking at bottom corners.


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