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Superb original WWI WRAF photograph


Excellent and large fornat original photograph showing three women of the WRAF in WWI. an outstanding example of the uniforms they wore c.1918-19.  Approx. 4" x 6" with slight creasing / cracking at bottom corners.


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RARE and important set of Red Cross journals to RAF officer Prisoner of War in Stalag Luft III (Sagan).


An incredible piece of history. Two Red Cross issued RAF POW notebook diaries to F/O Norman Harland, 57 Squadron RAF. A complete record of the last year of the war at Stalag Luft III (Sagan - where the "Great Escape" took place) including sketch maps and layout of various buildings, plus a map of the "long March" the prisoners were forced to take in 1945, of which Harland was a survivor. Entries begin Feb 24, 1944 with details of his being shot down and captured. Details of everyday POW camp life, newspaper clippings, transcripts of messages from the Germans including death threats, plus lists of items contained in parcels, menus, recipes - plus cartoons, sketches, poems etc. by fellow prisoners and many of the names listed. A few pages only are shown. These books are a wealth of historical information. Includes a printed transcript of the handwriting and some research notes.


RARE Early (Pre-WW1) flying helmet.


From a very old collection, this extremely rare early flying helmet features a segmented hard leather shell, with a glove soft leather liner, cross straps over the ears and heavily padded fabric bumpers on the front, rear and extending down the side of each cheek.  Padding is heaviest and widest to the front, for protection of the face and forehead in any kind of frontal impact such as hitting the cockpit combing. The lower cheek sections, which probably had a chin strap attached, are missing. Previous owner believed it to be Italian,  but I have been unable to verify this, although it definitely resembles similar early flying helmets used by pioneer European aviators. Though fragile in places, the leather is solid and the helmet is in remarkably good condition for being well over 100 years old.


Extremely RARE Royal Naval Air Service flying / observer's goggles.

Only the second set I have ever come across of these incredibly rare goggles. Housed in a beautiful wooden case, complete with a full set of interchangeable glass lenses, each with a different colour tint for different conditions. Also included is a detailed instruction booklet listing the use of each set of lenses. Goggles are in unissued condition, perfect leather facemask with split frames for inserting lenses, white metal frames and elastic strap, velvet backing and faux fur surround. Baize lined case divided into compartments for the lenses. 


Luftwaffe LKpN101 Netzkopfhaube mesh flying helmet with all communications and short cord with plug.

Lovely used example of the net/mesh summer flying helmet most favoured by fighter pilots with the Luftwaffe. This is the first type, with provision only for the double strap oxygen mask (studs on each cheek). Brown cotton mesh is perfect - no holes or snags. Leather is excellent, lightly scuffed on the outside of the ear cups but with a little dressing would come up beautifully. Metal fittings have some oxidation. One snap fastener has been removed from neck strap which was a standard and common practice. Helmet is fitted with receivers, including the small celluloid noise attenuators in place (though one is cracked/split). Includes wiring, throat microphones and short cord with 4-point plug. Great label - appears to be a size 56. Definitely above average condition and nice examples are getting harder to find.

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RAF Type G oxygen mask fitted with breathing tube (hose) and correct Type 48 microphone.

Very good used Type G mask in size S, fitted with original wartime tube (hose) with connector and clip attached. Greenish grey rubber is in good condition, still pliable with no brittleness or sticky parts, showing some stress cracks around the lugs retaining the nosewire, but no damage and wire is still securley attached. Webbing harness has lost some elasticity but still displays well and fits on a helmet perfectly.  Well above average condition and quite scarce to find one complete with thes hose attached. Microiphone is clean, rubber retaining rung is perfectly fine, not hardened like many. Clip has some oxidation especially in one corner which has rusted away but very slight and does not affect function or appearance.

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Good used Luftwaffe Battle of Britain period LKpS101 summer flying helmet with throat mics.

A true combat veteran in very good used and slightly grubby condition,  but complete except for the hardened and cracked radio cord and missing plug. Helmet itself is a nice early example, with plated metal fittings and label giving manufacturer's name in full (3 letter codes were substituted in 1941). No damage to helmet or throat microphones, and communications gear complete including celluloid noise attenuators fitted over receivers. Leather eaxcellent - earphone covers slightly scuffed but would easily clean up with dressing. Cloth and lining have no damage or worn spots, just slightly grubby from use. Long cord is missing plug and rubber coating has hardened and cracked. Of interest is that the neck strap has both snap fasteners intact - quite unusual as one was invariably removed after fitting. Overall a decent displayable helmet with some stories to tell!


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RAF external wiring loom / cord fitted with Impedance switch box, plus Type 25 microphone and plug.

Very good RAF wiring loom of the scarce maroon braided type, fitted with a good Type 25 microphone and the scarce High/Low Impedance switch box as well as the bell-shaped plug. Wiring is excellent with no damage or wear. Switch box and microphone show minimal wear, though bakelite on microphone has some pieces broken away; this does not stop it fitting in a mask and included is a moisture screen and clip which hides the broken edge. A very rare accessory these days.



WWII RAF Mk VIII Flying Goggles.


Wartime RAF Mk VIII goggles. Well used combat veterans, though they are all there and complete with no damage, just heavily soiled from use. Blue grey frames with clear laminated angled lenses, leather cushions and a tired but original strap. No visible markings but they tick all the boxes for WWII production.