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Superb original WWI WRAF photograph


Excellent and large fornat original photograph showing three women of the WRAF in WWI. an outstanding example of the uniforms they wore c.1918-19.  Approx. 4" x 6" with slight creasing / cracking at bottom corners.


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RARE large signed photograph of Barnes Wallis, inventor of the "Bouncing Bomb."

Fantastic Dambusters centrepiece! Barnes Wallis was the  designer of the Vickers Wellington, among other aircraft. He also created the "bouncing bomb" used in Operation "Chastise" - the highly acclaimed raid against the German Ruhr dams by 617 squadron. A shy and somewhat reclusive gentleman, especially in his later years, Barnes Wallis did not sign a lot of autographs, and this one, dated 1975, is a fabulous example. Signed with ball-point pen in blue ink, the photo is an official b/w professional portrait showing the great inventor in his study, with photos of the dams raid in the background. The photo is a huge 15" x 11.5" (38cm x 29cm) and has some minor creases at the edges but no damage and would frame beautifully for display in a Dambusters collection.


RAF Type 21 Microphone assembly for the Battle of Britain era Type D oxygen mask.


Type 20 electro-magnetic microphone complete with its Type Q cord and bell plug known collectively as  Type 21 Microphone Assembly. This was the final development of microphone for the Type D oxygen mask, introduced into service in October, 1940, at the tail end of the Battle of Britain. Microphone is in excellent condition with no dings or damage and retaining 95+% of it's black lacquered finish. Also retains the rubber band securing the wiring in place - which is very unusual. Excellent maroon cord with no damage or fraying, and bell-shaped plug with no chips or cracks. Shows light use but overall excellent condition. 

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Very early production AAF Type B-4 Life Preserver in outstanding condition.

Superb example of a very early production B-4 Life Preserver by Seamless Rubber Company, dated October 1942. Has the early tight weave silky covering to the neoprene rubber and all nickel plated hardware; no neck strap added. Overall condition is fantastic; clean, no stiffening or edge cracks. The only area of concern are the oral inflation tubes which are misshapen but soft and pliable. These could be replaced or perhaps straightened out by inserting a pencil inside? Earliest production date I have ever seen and very difficult to upgrade. This type was used by AAF pilots and aircrews and also by US Paratroopers - there are also photographs of RAF crews wearing them in preference to the 1941 pattern Mae West.

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AAF Type H-1 Emergency Oxygen Bailout system complete.


Scarce oxygen accessory in excellent overall condition. The H-1 system was necessary for high altitude bailout to prevent loss of consciousness from lack of oxygen. Manually operated, the user had to remove their oxygen mask, grip the pipe stem between their teeth, turn on the flow of oxygen and make sure the tank was secure. Tank is dated 12/42 and complete with gauge, rubber tubing, pipe stem and canvas case with leg straps. Tubing is flexible with no damage, cracks or hardening. An excellent example in great condition overall, with some wear to the green paint on the tank.


Very early production RAF Type G oxygen mask.

Very good used example of an early production Type G oxygen mask, in dark green rubber with the heavily stippled moulding over the top section of the mask body and "flat" square attachment loop on the webbing strap for securing to the helmet. Mask shows use and is overall slightly grubby, but the rubber is good, with minor surface spider cracks in the high stress areas but no splits, no hardening or sticky areas. Nose wire is intact and in place; nice A-crown-M marked microphone has wear to the edge and one worn spot on cord. Harness is slightly stretched out. Interior suede lining is lightly soiled. Never produced in abundance, these early production masks are quite difficult to find. A good, solid example.

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AAF Type A-14 oxygen mask in very good condition, dated 11/44.

A-14 oxygen mask is excellent condition, showing almost no signs of wear, just slight soiling from storage which would undoubtedly clean up with a little soap and water. The rubber is fully pliable and strong, including the thin straps that support the harness which are perfect. Size Large and never modified in any way, either with the internal baffles or by adding a microphone.  Good crisp markings. A great example.


1930s Burberry flying helmet with Gosport receivers fitted.


While many RAF pilots are depicted wearing Lewis Leathers helmets during their halcyon training days with the Auxiliary Air Force, no doubt the well-to-do weekend warrior would have had a helmet exactly like this! Bearing the exclusive Burberry label - the company that first made its name by supplying the very highest quality military uniforms and clothing. Borrowing from the very first RFC flying helmets (Burberry was a preferred supplier to RFC officers), this style is known as a "lappi" helmet, because of its extraordinarily long strap, designed to wrap around the head to provide a tight and secure fit. This example was well loved and saw a lot of action, though by the sheer quality of the leather, remains in great shape. There is wear internally to the brow area, and a few surface scrapes on the strap from where it has been tightened, but the glove soft black leather is superb and remains supple and strong. The gold silk embroidered Burberry label is clear and intact, and the helmet retains its original De Havilland type chrome plated Gosport receivers. The rear seam has separated for the bottom half inch (or may have been opened up by the owner for a more comfortable fit). A fabulous flying helmet which displays superbly and would look great alongside a Type B as a reminder of those Auxiliary Air Force training days.

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Early wartime RAF escape/evasion map on silk: K1/K2, southern Greece, Crete, Libya and North Africa – pristine condition.

Rare early wartime escape map carried by RAF pilots and aircrews flying over the southern Mediterranean, from Crete including Libya, Tobruk, and the Sahara regions. This would have been issued 1941 and 42 when the war in North Africa was at its height. Titled K1 and K2, this map was printed in just 3 colours: black, red and green, and based on vintage maps drawn up by John Batholomew. Printed in a miniscule scale of 1:6,000,000 or 1" to 94.7 English miles, it was very difficult to read such small print, but gave the downed airman a rough idea of wher he was and how to make his way back.  This example is in pristine, unused condition, impossible to upgrade.

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Early wartime RAF escape map of Greece, Bulgaria and Romania –outstanding condition.

Another in the early Bartholomew map series, but his one in a larger scale of 1: 2,000,000 and printed in black only. Sheet 9S and 9T. Bulgaria and Romania with Greece and the Greek Islands on the reverse. This example has a neatly hemmed and sewn edge and is in similar unissued condition and would be very difficult to upgrade.

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RCAF Mk III Flying Goggles dated 1942.

Very good pair of RCAF Mk III Flying Goggles. Identical to the British made counterpart, except for the markings, the goggles featured clear celluloid acetate lenses, blackened brass frames with large leather pads and spring fabric and leather strap. This set is in very god used condition, with both stoppers present, excellent straps with all springs working and nicely marked leather back strap. Lenses are good with only minor scratches. Definitely a better than average pair.

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RCAF Flying Helmet telephone receivers 10A/3698.

Identical to The RAF Type 16 and Type 32 and intended to fit in all RAF, as well as RCAF, flying helmets, these receivers are dated 1943. Excellent condition, and like all electronic accessories, getting very difficult to find these days..


AAF Type A-9 flying suit pants, intermediate.


In excellent condition, these A-9 flying suit pants show very little use, only very light marking from storage, with all zips and buttons in good working order and the OD cotton fabric still showing great colour. Designed for wear with the B-9 jacket, these were also frequently worn with the B-10 and B-15 jacket. This pair has a great label, and an unusual and uncommon manufacturer: The Paul Reed Company. Size 38. 

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AAF Type N-6 16mm Gun Camera for P-47, P-51 fighters etc.

16mm gun camera which was installed inside the wing of fighters including the P-51, P-47, P-38 etc. and electronically activated as the gun button was pressed to record footage of actual combat with enemy aircraft. This example has the added feature of a detachable viewfinder mounted on one side, so it could also be used manually - missing from most examples. Camera is in excellent condition, with no damage or dings, just very light wear. Lens by Eastman looks very good. Back opens to receive film canister and camera is well marked. manufactured by Morse Instrument Co. of Hudson, Ohio. 

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