WWII POW Red Cross Parcel box.


Extremely rare to find on the loose these days, especially in such great condition. An original WWII Prisoner of War Red Cross parcel box marked with the International Red Cross and the St. John's Cross (The Order of St. John was the supplier in England). Marked Northampton, but in such good condition it was probably never issued or used. It would have been shipped to POW camps in Germany and across Europe containing such things as soap, powdered milk, cigarettes, chocolate and even boot polish, as well as other home comforts intended to supplement the meagre diet of a POW. Of even greater interest is the fact that these boxes, as well as their contents, were used to manufacture magnificent and creative escape aids: the cardboard was used to create fake passports and ID cards, and if covered with boot polish could pass for leather in creating fake German uniforms. Great item.



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Fabulous original WWII B-15 flight jacket in a large and wearable size and in great condition.


Two fabulous jackets in the same week! This B-15 jacket is in stellar condition, with the only notable detraction being the usual wear at the cuffs. The green cotton outer shell is superb, and still rich in colour, not faded like so many. Collar is thick and full with no signs of wear. Talon zipper is in great working condition. This actually turned up in a Marine Corps veteran's foot locker where it had been stored since 1945! He may even have worn it - bevcause there is evidence of light grey paint to the back of one of the cuff areas. Cuffs have some snags but could be repaired. Waistband has a few moth holes but nothing serious. The fabric around the cuffs is also worn through in a couple of places - but other than that this jacket is excellent - and again in a size 44! Overall shows very little wear and displays beautifully.



EXTREMELY RARE WWII Luftwaffe late war summer weight blue grey Channel suit jacket.


This is truly one of the Holy Grail items to collectors of Luftwaffe flying kit. The rarest and most desirable flying jacket Luftwaffe pilots were issued. Made from lightweight cotton and lined with thin silk or satin, the jacket typifies the German fighter pilot. This example is fitted with a RiRi brand plastic zip fastener indicating later war manufacture, probably mid-1944. Zipper works just fine. Jacket is overall soiled and faded with a few snags and worn spots here and there. the wool knit waistband shows some holes, but overall it is in perfectly displayable condition and all the wear and tear is from honest use. At some point it had and eagle sewn to the front, long gone. It retains the grey leather tabs for hanging an oxygen mask, map pocket and concealed inner cuffs wuth buttons. You could wait a long time for another in any condition.







Stunning original WWII A-2 jacket in  a  large and wearable size and in great condition.


Jackets of this calibre don't surface very often any more! A really nice, used but perfectly wearable jacket in a large size! The jacket has never had any patches, name tags or painting on it, has its original Conmar zipper which functions perfectly, though has a small dollop of something about 1.25" from the top which may (or may not) stop it zipping to the very top (I don't know because I haven't pushed it). The original cuffs naturally have a few snags and pulls, but could be restored and repaired easily by a professional (or left as is). They do not need to be replaced. The waistband has a few very small moth nips which are barely even noticeable. The lining shows wear, as usual, on the inside of the collar, but nothing serious. The leather is superb, with that perfect slightly worn look, but is perfectly pliable and soft. Nomenclature tag shows no manufacturer name - just AAF contract information. All hooks, eyelets and snaps are in place. This really is that wearer everyone wants to own but can never find - or a superb display. THe size tag is no longer present - but this jacket actually fits me and I take a 44-46 - so this is a generous 44.







Piece of a RAF Curtiss Kittyhawk fighter FR293 flown by the RAF’s top scoring Kittyhawk Ace, Squadron Leader Billy Drake (20 confirmed kills, 6 probables and 9 damaged) with provenance.

The panel, taken from beneath the cockpit, bears 3 swastikas denoting enemy aircraft kills.

On December 11th, 1942, Squadron Leader Drake was flying Curtiss Kittyhawk Mk II FR293 while leading 11 RAF aircraft from 112 squadron to provide cover for the USAAF 66th Fighter Squadron, 9th Air Force (also flying Curtiss P-40 aircraft). During the aerial combat, Drake claimed a Messerschmitt 109F and a Macchi both destroyed. As a result of the duration of the combat and extensive evasive manouevres, Drake exhausted his fuel supply and had no option but to attempt a belly landing. He made a successful wheels up landing, just inside the allied lines, close to forward British reconnaissance troops, men of the 11th Hussars Armoured Car Regiment (The Cherry Pickers). These men rescued him from his wrecked aircraft and returned him to his squadron base – but not before he pulled this piece of the aircraft outer skin from beneath the cockpit of the aircraft as a souvenir.

It was his final combat flight in North Africa. He was posted to a staff job for several months, but later commanded a Spitfire wing in Malta and finally a Typhoon wing based in England attacking V-1 sites.

In the 1990s, Billy Drake gave this piece of aircraft skin to a friend (a well-respected RAF historian). He in turn gifted it to another mutual friend, a well respected collector, from whom I obtained it in March 2016. At the time Drake gave the gift, he mistakenly ID'd it as a piece of Hurricane (he had flown Hawker Hurricanes in the Battle of France and Battle of Britain and also in Sierra Leone, North Africa, with 128 squadron prior to taking command of 112 squadron). Subsequent research showed it to be from a Curtiss P-40 Kittyhawk, the aircraft he was flying on the day he crash-landed.

It is accompanied by a photograph signed by Billy Drake to the previous owner. The names of the previous owners and complete history will be shared with the buyer.



Extremely rare RAF rear view mirror from a fighter aircraft, early wartime Battle of Britain, Spitfire, Hurricane.


These early rectangular rear view mirrors almost never turn up for sale. They were only used on very early wartime fighters such as the Spitfire, Hurricane and Defiant, with later Marks using the more common hemispherical design. This one is in excellent condition, the mirror with no damage and only the tiniest loss of "silvering" in one corner. It is complete with all its original screws, including the bolt that would secure it to the stand mounted on top of the cockpit windscreen. Retains 90+% of its original mat black painted finish, with a nice crisp A-crown-M Air Ministry mark engraved to the back.



WWII RAF oxygen mask hose / breathing tube minus clothing clip (standard)


Excellent condition black corrugated rubber breathing tube lacking alligator cllothing clip but including the plastic screw in connector for the mask. This is the standard tube for the G and H Type oxygen masks. Nice Air Ministry marked brass connector pipe.



Excellent AAF model M-4A2 anti-flak helmet.


The final development in the excellent M-4 series of anti-flak helmets issued to AAF aircrews. Earlier models, developed by the Wilkinson Sword company in England under the directive of Colonel Malcolm Grow, Chief Flight Surgeon of the US 8th AAF, were leather covered and lacked ear protection, but featured the same overlapping manganese steel plates which were effective at deflecting all but a direct hit, yet still lightweight. This is a beautiful example in excellent conditon, showing only light storage marks but no sign of wear. It was worn over the top of a leather or cotton flying helmet and easily accommodated the telephone receivers. 




Very good used example of the Luftwaffe model LKpS101 summer flying helmet, complete with throat microphones, cord and plug.


A very good Luftwaffe LKpS101 flying helmet by Siemens, with their full name on the label, suggesting this is an early production model, probably from the Battle of Britain period. Brown cloth with satin lining, leather covered  receiver cups, leather throat microphone straps with oval Mi 4b electromagnetic microphones, full length cord and 4-pount "beehive" plug. Shows light use and wear, slightly grubby externally from use but no damage. Receivers are complete but lack the acetate inner covers, otheriwse excellent. Good large size (though the size stamp has faded away). These have always been the hardest to find of the three standard helmet types. Note goggles as shown are for display only and not included in the sale, but may be purchased separtely and appear elsewhere on this page.




Luftwaffe  LKpN101 Netzkopfhaube mesh flying helmet in large size with short cord and plug.


This excellent helmet shows little sign of wear at all. Dark brown leather earcups with dark brown net and I can find only one small visible hole in the netting (at the top, see photos). The label is clear and has a very crisp ink stamp indicating size 60 - very large. The throat microphones are perfect with single snap / stud fastener and webbing friction buckle to front. This helmet has the short cord and plug associated with late war use in fighter aircraft. Celluloid ear protectors are still in place inside receiver housings though show signs of deterioration. All fabric and chamois is very clean. Attachment points for a two-strap mask only so this was for a fighter pilot. Maker is  Luftwahrtgerätewerk Hakenfelde, Berlin-Spandau (manufacturer code hdc), one of the less commonly found manufacturers (being in the East and liberated by the Russians). A very nice displayable helmet in a large size rarely found these days.



Excellent WWII AAF Type A-4 chest parachute pack and harness with ripcord (no silk) plus bungee cords. 


An excellent example of the AAF A-4 parachute rig - comprising the harness in OD green canvas webbing, OD back pad and yellow ID markers (to make sure it's used with the correct pack!). Matching pack in OD green canvas is dated October 1944. Pack is filled with remnants to fill it out - will be shipped empy to save space unless buyer requests packing included. Harness has the D rings for attaching a raft pack. Superb condition throughout, a couple of the bungees have stretched out a little but displays well.  Sold as a complete set.




Scarce throat microphone / laryngaphone MTL No. 2 modified for Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm aircrew use.


Throat microphones (or laryngaphones in RAF terminology) were NOT used by the RAF at all in WWII - but they WERE adapted from army issue types and used by the Fleet Air Arm (see photo). Two models existed and both are offered (see separate listing for second model). This is the rare 1st model, which differs in having the connecting wires mounted externally and sealed in a wax like plastic coating which rarely survives. Condition is excellent with very minor loss of the wax /plastic coating on one edge. Modifed for aircraft use by adding the helmet plug jack. This is a very scarce item. This example came from the estate of a FAA Grumman Avenger crewman.



Near unissued late WWII RAF Type C flying helmet, fully wired with internal loom, receivers and plug.


Outstanding example of a RAF Type C flight helmet complete with internal wiring, receivers, cord and both jack plugs. The leather is impeccable, the champois lining is extremely clean and well marked with Size 2 (Medium). I would say this helmet is most likely unissued and it would be difficult to find one in better condition. Late war pattern with 5 leather yabs to rear.



Good pair of original Luftwaffe 1941 dated Auer Model 295 flying goggles.


Used but in very good condition, these Model 295 goggles are originals as produced by Auergesellschäft - AUER moulded on the rubber cishion and AB stamped on the frame. Dark grey rubber cushion is in good shape, undamaged and no sticky or brittle areas and no cracks or splits. Clear lenses are in excellent condition. Strap retains good elasticity. Strap is 100% original WWII but may not be original to this pair of goggles because the field grey painted hardware is not a perfect match for the goggles frame - not unusual. Aluminium frames have wear to the paint. Good clear markings of AB on one side and 1941 on the other. This is a very nice "been there" display set.



Second (improved) throat microphone / laryngaphone modified for Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm aircrew use.


Throat microphones (or laryngaphones in RAF terminology) were NOT used by the RAF at all in WWII - but they WERE adapted from army issue types and used by the Fleet Air Arm (see photo). Two models existed and both are offered (see separate listing for second model). This is the second type, which differs in having the connecting wires mounted through a metal covering plate on the front of the pick-ups, and is more sturdy. Condition is excellent with very minor loss of the wax /plastic coating on one edge. Modifed for aircraft use by adding the helmet plug jack.



MINT unused (new old stock) WWII period replacement watch strap for the AAF A-11 hack watch.


Still on its original card and still wrapped in cellophane, this replacement watch strap was never unwrapped, let alone attached to a watch! Correct military pattern in OD green cotton with brass / gilt eyelets and buckle. Card is marked GUSS Quality Philadelphia, Water Resistant Fabric Watch Straps.



WWII AAF Type C-1 Emergency Sustenance Vest in excellent condition.


One of the best examples of these vests I have seen. Though not a scarce item by any means, this particular vest is in outstanding condition, and has the distinction of being double labeled – quite an unusual feature. the officual nomebnclature label shows it to be from Sewar and Roebuck of Philadelphia, but attached to the tag is another linen tag which states the vest was made by Reliance Manufacturing Co. of Chicago – obvioulsy sub-contracted. For label collectors it may be significant and is certainly unusual. The vest has a nice clear AAF logo silk screened to the left front and all pockets are nicely and clearly marked for contents (no contents are included).





Incredible grouping to a WWII British paratrooper who fought in the Ardennes. Includes his maroon beret, Fairbairn Sykes fighting knife,

2 hand-written diaries, jump wing, gold medalion and more.


Fantastic WWII British Paratrooper grouping. Comprises a 1944 dated maroon beret by Kangol – with a bullion RASC badge (incredibly rare). Third pattern Fairbairn Sykes dagger and scabbard in almost perfect condition. Two handwritten diaries from January 1944 to May 1945, including his service in the Ardennes. Some detail – all very interesting and quite a few quips. All very poignant. Notes about his jump training (he injured his back in training so it looks like he went across by sea). He talks about waiting on an LST on Christmas Day to go across. Once over there his notes include comments like: "Picked up a Jerry tin helmet", "Cold in the Ardennes" and notes about the state of the towns and buildings as they went through. The note pad too has lots of information. Also included are his jump wing (an absolute beauty) and his 9ct gold “St. Michael – patron saint of paratroopers” medal.  Also a note pad (filled in) and a book called “The British Way and Purpose”. The beret is a stunner. A few moth tracks on top but i can only find two very small holes. The condition is pretty amazing and the badge is extremely rare. The dagger looks like it was never taken out of the scabbard (it probably wasn't). It doesn't get too much better than this!


Note: Edged weapon is included. Buyer is responsible for making sure it is legal to import this weapon.



Extremely nice AAF AN-H-15 summer flying helmet


Not a rare helmet, perhaps, but a very nice example of the standard AAF summer flight helmet as issued from 1943 onwards, and in a very decent Large size. If issued at all, this helmet saw very little use, is extremely clean except for light soiling on the internal chamois "donut" pads – and appears to have never had ANB-H-1 receivers installed. A pair can be suplied and are for sale on the "Accessories" page




Beautiful RAF Type B flying helmet with scarce manufacturer's label.


Exceptionally nice RAF Type B flight helmet in a generous size 2 (medium) which fits a male feature display head perfectly. Condition is well above average. Leather is excellent and chamois lining is clean. Retains internal rubber telephone receiver cups, bothe Bennett buckles with full leather covering, metal "V" tip on chin strap and leather pullers on zip fasteners. Press stud snaps have most of their brown enamel coating intact. Best of all, helmet retains its large, diamond-shaped label indicating manufacture by G. Waddington& Sons and 1941 date. Unusual to find later dated helmets with manufacturer's named label since such information was ordered removed from all flying clothing in 1940. No sponge donuts in the ears; they were dried hard and crumbling so I carefully removed them and cleaned the compartments.



Korean War US Navy issue flying goggles R37-G-3810 Type II fitted with short straps for H-series jet helmets, boxed and with extra clear lens.


Excellent used condition goggles which are identical to the B-8 but fitted with short straps for attaching to H-series hard shell jet helmets. This configuration is quite scarce. In box of issue together with an extra lens. Rubber is soft and pliable, chamois very clean. Well marked and dated 1953.



WWII AAF HB-7 headset, typically worn by pilots and second pilots in B-17 and B-24 bombers bt also used by other crew members.


Very nice , used example of this iconic headset, which looks best perched on a classic "50 mission crusher" visor cap. This example is fitted with the slightly more scarce MC-162-A pneumatic rubber ear cups. Cups are soft and pliable if slightly misshapen. Wiring has some slight chafing near the metal edges of the headband but overall a decent display set.



Scarce WWII dated RAF Type H oxygen mask.


Wartime dated examples of the Type H oxygen mask are probably more scarce than D or E masks, because it was issued in limited quantities and very late. Nonetheless, it saw service with high altitude Phto Recon pilots in the Spitfire IXX and front line fighter pilots. This example is in great condition, showing light use and very little wear. The pliable rubber has toned to a nice greenish-grey and no signs of perishing or hardening. Light surface crazing on the tabs that hold the straps in place but nothing serious. Fitted with a Type 57 microphone with correct cord and elongated rectangular plug connector. All straps are in good shape and retain their elasticity. The mask is clearly marked 3/45 just behind the microphone.



WWII RAF Mk VIII anti-glare spectacles.


Very good used pair of WWII issue RAF Mk VIII anti-glare spectacles (or sunglasses) issued only to operational aircrew. Nickel plated frames, green tinted lenses, comfort cable arms. No chips or scratches to lenses that I can see, and frames are also in very good shape. Air Ministry marked with stores ref. no. 22C/961 engraved on arm, and manufacturer's name on bridge BAO (British American Optical) which is quite an unusual maker. Great display item but also perfectly wearable: frames are nice and tight and these are actually very comfortable.



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Superb original WWI WRAF photograph


Excellent and large fornat original photograph showing three women of the WRAF in WWI. an outstanding example of the uniforms they wore c.1918-19.  Approx. 4" x 6" with slight creasing / cracking at bottom corners.


£28 / $35  / €30  email for more details