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Superb pre-war or early WWII RAF officer's peaked cap, hand tailored.


This is a beautifully tailored RAF officer's peaked / visor cap dating from the late 1930s or early WWII, with the green lined peak and circular quilting inside the crown which typifies the pre-war quality. Tailored by Joshua Turner of Piccadilly. Blue barathea wool with black mohair band and lovely padded badge which is tarnished evenly. Excellent shape with a series of very small moth nips to the top front (visible in pictures). Some stitching on the leather sweatband is loose. Acetate sweat shield is still in place and intact. A very, very nice example.




Superb AAF Type D-1 Cold Weather face mask.


The Type D-1 Cold Weather Face Mask was an attempt at alleviating the biggest problem suffered by AAF aircrews in the entire war - frostbite. Frostbite accounted for more casualties than enemy action and put trained aircrews out of action for a long time - sometimes permanently - and the most exposed area was the face (nose, lips etc). Other facemasks had been tested but could not be made to integrate with the oxygen mask. The D-1 was specifically designed to fit with the A-14 mask, hence the nasal opening was stiffered yet maleable to permit a fairly tight fit within the nose of the mask. The D-1 also fit snugly under the wearer's chin. It was made of thick felt so that oxygen would not seep out. In the end it wasn't a huge success, largely because the crewmen didn't like wearing it - the felt was uncomfortable especially when the wearer sweat in it. Examples today are not common but no 8th Air Force bomber crew collection is complete without one! Condition is unissued, near perfect, with no wear, soiling or damage and still retining its shape. Great spec. label and nice clear AN stamp at the end of the forehead strap.



Extremely nice set of AAF B-8 flying goggles by Polaroid with box, instructions and 10 good extra lenses.


Exceptional set of WWII B-8 goggles - doubled marked (Polaroid Model 1065 on the bridge and AAF Type B-8 on the side of the frame) which is unusual. Rubber is soft and pliable and chamois is excellent - they show very little evidence of any wear or use. Includes original box with a cotton case containing 10 extra lenses: 4 clear, 4 very dark tinted and 2 amber tinted - all in good conditon and still pliable, not badly warped and brittle as are many. Also includes original instruction sheet. * See Accessories / Spares for the extremely rare electrically heated lens for these goggles.



RARE electrically heated lens for the AAF B-8 goggles.


Very rare find! Electrically heated lenses for the B-8 goggles do not come along very often. This example is unused, in excellent condition, still wrapped in its protective paper coating in its envelope and including the instruction sheet. Marked 24v the lens is perfectly clear and flexible with its thin wire filament intact. THe outer envelope has some loss to the edges but has done its job well.



Genuine Air Ministry marked RAF 1932 pattern life vest replacement zip fastener.


If you are lucky enough to own a 1932 pattern life vest and it happens to be in need of a replacement zip fastener - this is what you've been looking for. An early steel zip, marked A-crown-M on one side of the puller and N on the reverse. Also marked N on the back of the actual slide. Runners are light green herringbone cotton. Works perfectly and has been used and removed but no ill-effects.  Light oxidation on puller. Same type was fitted to early Sidcot suits but I'm not sure of the length. This is an 8-inch zip fastener and corresponds exactly to the one installed in my original mae west.



Luftwaffe model 10-6701 double strap oxygen mask in excellent condition.


The so-called "fighter bomber" mask, designed for wear with the LKpN101 mesh helmet. Luftwaffe oxygen masks have never been plentiful and many of those offered for sale have been pulled from wrecks or old storage in less than good condition and restored with poor replacement parts. This is a beautiful, clean example, dating from the mid-late war period: 1943-44 and maker marked byd (Dräger). It shows light use; the rubber is perfect, supple and pliable. The elastic still has some stretch. I believe the clip is a replacement but that does not detract. An outstanding example of a scarce and highly sought after oxygen mask.



Beautiful and rare RAF headgear assembly: Type B helmet modified and fitted with Type G oxygen mask.


The Type B helmet is a rare size 4 (the largest made) and is dated 1939. The manufacturer is Robinson and Ensum - one of the lesser known and rarer makers. The condition of the helmet is very good, with obvious use and residual hair cream on the chamois lining, but the leather is excellent and overall the helmet displays beautifully. It is complete with leather pull tabs on zips, leather covering on both Bennett buckles and metal tip on chin strap. It retains bakelite telephone holders in both ears, though the right one has a crack in it (which in no way affects the security of the receiver and does not show). I have replaced both foam inserts with new-old stock because the origianls had crumbled to dust. The helmet has been modified by adding male snaps / press studs and a flat hook for a Type G mask. The mask is externally wired with a scarce Type 28 carbon microphone assembly (so-called golf ball microphone) with full cord, receivers and plug. Mask is very clean and complete with minor soiling and surface crazing but no perishing or edge damage. Microphone retains 80% original paint.



Luftwaffe Rückenfallschirm back type parachute pack, harness and shell, with D ring, back pad and all six bungees.


A very good example of the Luftwaffe back type parachute or Rückenfallschirm, lacking only the silk canopy (and thus perfect fpr display on a mannequin, since the weight of a full pack tends to overbalance the figures). The webbing harness is in excellent condition, no cuts or wear evident, fitted with the standard QRB "bang box" and safety clip still present. Aluminium shell is slightly dented / misshaped at the bottom edge but this could be straightened. Includes D ring and pack still has its closing pin inserted in the "teeth" of the flap, and unusually, all six original bungee cords are still present and still fully elastic (one has some separation in cloth but metal springs are fine). Pack is slightly faded from age but has no damage or holes. Several ink stampes including the serial number. No sign of a label (or that it ever had one). Note: NO SILK CANOPY present - it is padded for display / photography and padding will be removed for shipping. This type of parachute was worn by pilots flying Fw190 and Me 262 fighters as well as crews of Me 110, Ju87B etc.



Superb WWII Luftwaffe model 10-30B-2 infltable life vest in unissued condition.


This is an absolutely stunning Luftwaffe 10-30B-2 life vest dating from the later war period (perhaps late 1943 or 1944). Apart from a little storage / shelf wear, it is in outstanding condition. Made from heavy rubberized canvas in a light yellowish tan colour, with webbing straps and ties, black enameled buckles and rings and moulded plastic  fittings. Oral inflation tube works fine and still has the spring valve working fine. The canvas remains completely pliable and ideal for display. A printed silk label is sewn into the neck indicating maker is bwz (Auer of Berlin) and their are numerous inspection / acceptance stamps. It would be difficult to upgrade this life vest. Note: the inflation cartridge is not shown. This was detached for separate shipping and will be supplied with the vest.



WWII AAF issue oxygen mask hook for attaching the A-10 Revised or A-10 Modified to a flight helmet.


Single hook only available. Extremely difficult to find and the only hook that works for the A-10 M and A-10 R mask. Used on both sides to secure the webbing support harness in place. Minor surface oxidation but excellent condition.



WWII RAF aircrew Caterpillar Club membership card, named to a RAAF observer and including some research and history. Card is signed by Leslie Irvin.


Far more scarce than the little gold badges, the membership cards to the caterpillar Club (for having one's life saved by an Irvin parachute) were originally issued in lieu of the badges when supplies of metal were short. This badge was issued to Pilot Officer William Alexander Trickett of 76 squadron, whose Halifax was shot down over Dunkirk in April 1942. He was one of 3 surviving crew members and upon landing was captured and sent to Sagan, famed POW camp of "The Great Escape" and the slaughter of RAF prisoners. He was released by Russian troops in 1945. The card is in good condition, with light staining to the back and a “slice” cut at the bottom, but there is no loss and the information is clear. Leslie Irvin’s signature is faint but can still be seen quite clearly (Irvin was the owner of the company and the founder of the club). Though the small gold pins turn up, the cards are somewhat more scarce, having got lost, damaged or discarded over time. In some cases, cards only were handed out in lieu of the pin due to shortages of materials. Supplied with research.



AAF Type SW-141 push-to-talk switch assembly.


Issued primarily to bomber and reconnaissance crews to make communication easier, the SW-141 Switch assembly hung around the neck from the adjustable cord and plugged into the mask-mounted microphone or throat mic, with the long cord plugging into the radio console. It's an accessory often missing from collections, and is especially difficult to find with the neck cord and buckle still in place. This example made by Western Electric and dated April 1944.



Genuine WWII period replacement zippers / zip fasteners for Luftwaffe uniforms and flying clothing.


When you need them you need them! Priced as follows:


RiRi white plastic on blue fabric, 20cm (8") unused. Still with original price tag attached.


Early type Luftwaffe AK-39 Armbandkompass with black face in very good condition.


Luftwaffe pilot and navigator's (observer's) ARMBANDKOMPASS AK-39. This is the fist version of the Armbandkompass with a black face. Still retains its full fluid contnet (as can be seen from the "bubble" in the pictures).  An excellent example showing very little use and wear, complete with leather strap and well marked to the back. Worn on the wrist or attached to the tube on the life vest, this was a vital aid to pilots who were shot down or baled out and had to find their way back.



Waterproof storage bag for RAF headgear (postwar). Specifically for the Type F and G flying helmet and oxygen mask.


Heavy plastic bag folds over and seas with snap / press stud fasteners to protect the Type F and G flying helmet and oxygen mask. These were issued in the 1950s and 60s before headgear got ntoo sophisticated. Not often seen but an interesting Cold War flying accessory.



Extremely nice and good size AAF Type A-4 flight suit.


Not an uncommon item, but getting more and more difficult to find in this kind of condition, with all zippers in good working order and in the larger sizes.

This olive wool flight suit is in really excellent condition with all zip fasteners working perfectly and retaining their leather pullers, all snap fasteners in good order, original waistbelt and buckle, no damage or fading to the wool and in a generous size 42. Still has its chain hanger at the neck and a great nomenclature label.

The only negatives are that it once had a nametag sewn to the left front, now removed leaving stitch holes and one tiny hole - and some minor paint splashes at the bottom of the legs. Other than that it looks as though it was never worn.



WWII 1941 pattern "diagonal zip" RAF flying gauntlets.


A nice set of gloves though mismatched as was common (left and right hand gloves were manufactured and issued separately to avoid petty theft). Good colour match but one is size 9 and the other 9-1/2. I've actually seen many "pairs" that were apparently issued this way. Right hand gauntlet has had zip replaced at some time but it works just fine although it is not sewn through the lining. Good clear Air Ministry markings in both. No excessive wear or damage. Great for display or re-enacting. priced accordingly.



AAF Spit and Gaff Assembly for the C-1 Emergency Sustenance Vest.


A rare survival accessory. This was packed in the AAF Type C-1 survival vest (officially known as "Emergency Sustenance Vest."). Contents are complete and in excellent condition, including the original paper instruction sheet. 



AAF Razor and Blades for the C-1 Emergency Sustenance Vest.


Another rare survival accessory. This red plastic razor and "Perfect" brand blades is the correct type as packed in the AAF Type C-1 survival vest (officially known as "Emergency Sustenance Vest."). Complete and unused, in excelent condition. Very rarely available.



AAF issue waterproof holster for .45 automatic as issued with the C-1 Emergency Sustenance Vest.


Semi-transparent soft plastic cover for the M-1911  .45 automatic pistol, issued with the C-1 vest to wrap the gun befpre inserting into the built-in holster on the vest to keep the weapon dry. Excellent condition, no damage and completely pliable. Printed instructions are visible but indistinct and plastic shows slight discolouration from age, but a scarce item.



AAF issue Type II M-1943 emergency goggles, in original paper packet as issued with the C-1 Emergency Sustenance Vest.


Green tinted cellulose-acetate lenses with leather and fabric surround and elastic strap. Folded flat to fit in one of the pockets of the C-1  Emergency Sustenance Vest to protect from sun, wind, sand, dust, etc. Still have protective paper covering on lenses and paper envelope printed with instructions. Unissued and unworn but still flexible and in good condition.



WWII US Navy emergency survival kit Nav. Aer. Spec. M-592

Back Pad (Type II) with many original components, including many rare items.


Type M-592 Back Pad Kit in excellent condition, very clean (appears unused) with fully functioning zip fastener, webbing harness and clip, and containing many of its original components, incuding:

Jacknife; Whistle; Sunburn Ointment; Compass / Match Holder; Life Raft Rations (3 tins); ESM/1 Signal Mirror; Machete and blade protector; Poncho; 25 ft. of 75lb test line; Mosquito Headnet (M-565A); Emergency Drinking Water (2 tins, both now empty); Instruction booklet.

These kits are now very hard to find in any condition, and the component parts are extremely difficult to source. This is a great display item and already has many of the contents.



Beautiful, early wartime issue Luftwaffe LKpS101 summer flying helmet in big size and outstanding condition.


While not particularly rare, the LKpS101 is an iconic representative helmet from the Battle of Britain era - and one in this condition is certainly a scarce find. The helmet shows almost no use or wear, still has all its communications gear intact, including BOTH snap fasteners at the strap of the throat microphone (most superfluous snaps were removed once sized to the wearer). The Siemens label bears a clear BAL stamp and a size marking of 58 which is a good large size. All metal fittings are nicely plated, all leather and chamois clean and supple. The leather ear covers have no scuffing; celluloid receiver inserts are present. It would be hard to upgrade this helmet.

Note: model 306 goggles displayed with helmet are NOT included but

available spearately.




Personalized WWII / Pre-WWII US Navy flying helmet / deck crew helmet.


These white cotton helmets were first issued as flying helmets in the early 1930s, usually worn without any form of communications fitted. With the introduction of radio helmets and the standardized M-450 and NAF 1092, the white cotton helmets were issued to deck crews (armourers, fitters, etc) for visibility but many pilots retained them and had them modified by adding earphone housings. The US Navy has a tradiiton of perosnizing their helmets and this example has been personalized by adding a small red cross, sewn to the front top. The significance of this in unknown, but it is worth researching by looking at old photos of US Navy pilots! Helmet is an official USN issue item and  is ink stamped on the chin strap USN (the U is concealed under stitching).



Superb pair of USN Mk II Pilot flying goggles by Chas Fischer Spring.


Replaced the Mk I Pilot goggles and were essentially the US Navy's answer to the B-7 goggles (the lenses were fully interchangeable). Nice nickel plated frames with streamlined vents, green tinted lenses, a one piece chamois lined rubber cushion and elsatic strap. These goggles are are near perfect as they day they were made but are 100% original - no replacement parts - including the cushion. Patented design by the Chas Fischer Spring Co. of Brooklyn, NY and well marked as such under the left hand side of the frame. It's rare to find these goggles in such outstanding condition and this set would be difficult to upgrade.




Good but typically unmatched pair of RAF 1941 pattern flying gauntlets (2).


Very good, used pair of 1941 pattern "diagonal zip" flying gauntlets. A mismatched pair, though very close in colour: one is a size 9 the other 8-1/2 (this was not at all uncommon). Both have Air Ministry stamps and various stores ref markings. Both original zippers in good working order, though one has had a repair at the closed end (does not affect smooth operation). Leather is excellent and very clean.



WWII AAF winter flying  trousers Type AN-T-13.


As with the AN-J-4 jacket listed above, these pants were issued as part of one of the less common winter flying suits, and AAF marked and issued examples are not often encountered. Unlike the jacket, the polyacrylate coating has lasted better and there is no surface cracking to the exterior of the shearling. I can find one patched area, a chamois patch carefully affixed on the inside of the pants on the back of the right thigh, to reinforce a small tear. There is some minor loss / rubbing of polyacrylate coating in a few small spots but nothing to be concerned about and the overall appearance is very pleasing. As with the jacket, the leather parts are excellent and all original zippers work fine. Good label, made by Aeroleather, and a size 36 waist. Beautiful AAF logo decal to left side of the waist and another on the suspender strap. Elastic is still good. 



Amazing, unissued AAF Type A-10 fighter pilot gloves still sewn together and in original box as shipped from the factory.


The most sought after and desirable AAF gloves - the superb A-10 - worn by fighter pilots, soft leather with camel wool lining and knit cuffs - in unissued and unworn condition and still in their original cardboard box! These gloves are still tacked together at the wrist and both have excellent labels. Size 8.5.

I can find 2 or 3 small moth nips to the knit cuffs from storage, but the wool is still elastic and the leather superb. Linings are intact (many pilots cut the lining out). These gloves are highly sought after and quite scarce. This pair would be very difficult if not impossible to upgrade.



RARE WWII RAF survival item: snakebit lancet kit.


Scarce item of survival gear, especiallly complete with lancet and phial. Complete kit manufactured by Gardner Co. London and complete with Air Ministry mark.



CBI Theatre made US 48 star flag in leather, worn as ID by AAF pilots and aircrews on their A-2 jackets.


Though technically not a survival item, these were purchased locally by airmen as souvenirs, but they were worn as easily recognizable ID by sewing them to the backs of their flying jackets. Multi-piece construction 48 star US flag in red and white leather and blue suede. 22cm (9") x 18cm (7"). Seller states that this was removed from an A-2 jacket that had rotted away, together with a CBI patch. Genuine period and theatre made with obvious evidence that it was used. Slightly grubby but very good condition.



AAF / USN ESM/2 Signal Mirror


Emergemcy Signaling Mirror type 2 as issued to both AAAF and USN aircrew and carried in emrgency / survival kits as well as in the pocket of the life vest. Unissued and unused, in perfect condition and still in its manila envelope as supplied by the manufacturer (the clasp on the envelope still closed until I opened it for photographing the mirror inside). Not often found with the original braided lanyard.



AAF issue drinking water canteen as issued with the C-1 Emergency Sustenance Vest.


Semi-transparent soft plastic bottle for storing fresh drinking water, as issued with the C-1 vest. Excellent condition, no damage and completely pliable. Printed instructions are visible but indistinct and plastic shows slight discolouration from age, but a scarce item. Fastens with a friction buckle and tightens to prevent leakage.



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Superb original WWI WRAF photograph


Excellent and large fornat original photograph showing three women of the WRAF in WWI. an outstanding example of the uniforms they wore c.1918-19.  Approx. 4" x 6" with slight creasing / cracking at bottom corners.


£28 / $35  / €30  email for more details