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Superb original WWI WRAF photograph


Excellent and large fornat original photograph showing three women of the WRAF in WWI. an outstanding example of the uniforms they wore c.1918-19.  Approx. 4" x 6" with slight creasing / cracking at bottom corners.


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Flying Helmets

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Extremely rare issued and used example of a transitional model RAF Type C flying helmet.


This is the first example of one of these helmets I can recall actually handling. Though seen occasionally in period photographs and IAM catalogues, this is a helmet which started life as a standard early production Type C (the kind built for an external wiring loom). It has a leather chin strap and Bennett buckle fastening, fore-and-aft goggle retaining tabs, and externally mounted, non-noise attenuating rubber ear cups. At some point it was modified, presumably in the factory, to be retrofitted with an internal wing loom. To do this, the helmet had a slit cut at the side and neatly finished for installing the plug jack, one of the rear seams opened up for installing the loom (though curiously not the centre seam - note: it is the left hand panel seam at the rear) and holes cut below and behind the ear cups and finished with zig-zag stitch for the emerging wires. The helmet shows use (though thankfully no excessive wear or damage) and is named inside the ear cup to Phillips 294511 AC2. Generally AC2 was non-aircrew status so I am assuming this was made for trial and observation rather than service use. It is also a small size (though it fits a mannequin head fine for display). There is evidence that an internal wiring loom was fitted and subsequently removed (perhaps it failed or was transferred to another helmet following testing). I considered installing the internal loom but decided to leave it as I found it - this is a fascinating piece of history in the development of RAF flying clothing and I wonder how many others could possibly be out there? Condition is very good; leather and chamois are clean and rubber ear cups are pliable. Small tear to leather where plug jack was removed, easily repaired or left as is it doesn't detract.

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First pattern internally wired RAF Type C flying helmet complete with wiring and receivers.


Improved variation of the Type C helmet which first saw service in 1943. Exact same cut of leather as earlier models, but with provision for all the wiring to be built in so that the oxygen mask mic. could just plug in to the left hand side. Front goggle strap tabs were eliminated and a built-in hook was added for the Type G mask. Receivers are housed in rubber cups with integral noise-attenuating rubber surrounds. The leather chin strap was replaced with an elastic webbing strap. Helmet is a large size 3, complete with full internal wiring cord, correct receivers and bell-shaped jack plug as well as mask plug connector. The design was further improved towards the end of the war making this a true wartime production helmet dating from 1943-44. Very good condition, good leather and clean chamois lining. Small period repair to the leather immediately above the microphone connector (looks worse in the photos). This was not uncommon when wiring need replacing. All in all a very good example. 

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Luftwaffe LKpN101 Netzkopfhaube mesh flying helmet with all communications and short cord with plug. 

Lovely used example of the net/mesh summer flying helmet most favoured by fighter pilots with the Luftwaffe. This is the first type, with provision only for the double strap oxygen mask (studs on each cheek). Brown cotton mesh is perfect - no holes or snags. Leather is excellent, lightly scuffed on the outside of the ear cups but with a little dressing would come up beautifully. Metal fittings have some oxidation. One snap fastener has been removed from neck strap which was a standard and common practice. Helmet is fitted with receivers, including the small celluloid noise attenuators in place (though one is cracked/split). Includes wiring, throat microphones and short cord with 4-point plug. Great label - appears to be a size 56. Definitely above average condition and nice examples are getting harder to find.

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AAF Type A-11 flying helmet size Medium by Fox Chase Knitting Mills.


Nice example of a used - but not abuse - A-11 flying helmet manufactured by Fox Chase Knitting Mills, one of the least often encountered labels in my experience. Leather is excellent, chamois lining is a little grubby from wear but there is no damage. Has several names written inside and then inked out. The small U-shaped lock on the chin strap buckle is absent but could easily be replaced and pilots almost never buckled their helmets anyway. Nice decal to side is 90% complete, which is unusual - these "water slide" decals almost always wore away. Size medium which makes it the perfect size for display on a standard male feature head. No receivers or wiring fitted. 

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RAF internally wired (second pattern) Type D summer flying helmet.


A beautiful example of the dessert issue summer flying helmet, fully wired with correct Type 32 receivers, cord and plug. Tan cotton shell with satin lining, chamois internal donuts and elastic chin strap. Good rubber ear cups. Shows very light use and no wear. Size 2 (Medium). These helmets replaced the Type A cork "pith" helmets, officially for wear east of Malta, though they were used more extensively and were also popular with US aviators when they could get hold of one.

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Scarce 1920s US Navy intermediate / lightweight flying helmet.


This is a scarce early US Navy issue intermediate weight flying helmet, made from super high quality glove leather lined with chamois. Though the helmet is sadly not in pristine condition, the leather is still soft and pliable and actually displays well. The surface of the leather has dried out and rubbed from being folded and perhaps improperly stored, but it does not appear to be rotted or weak and the wear is to the surface. t is most noticeable on the centerline where it was folded, around the edge and the rear panel at the nape. The snaps for the goggle straps have partially pulled through but remain secure. The chamois lining has separated at the crown on the inside. However, the leather is strong and the helmet displays well. It is of the unusual pattern with the extremely long "lappi" style chin strap and buckle.  The helmet is well marked "USN" with a size tag that reads "7" and is named in two places to "Cox." A seldom seen helmet that would certainly fill a gap in most collections until a better replacement can be found. Priced according to its condition but a very scarce helmet nonetheless.

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Great War French Roold aviator's safety helmet in good condition and a large size. 


Produced for and sold in the Roold Department store in Paris, this helmet became ubiquitous in the Great War and was used by all the warring nations. It was standard issue for French aviators but also found its way into Royal Flying Corps inventory and was also used by German flyers, since at one time or another, almost all armies were stationed in or around Paris. This example shows use but is in remarkable condition for its age. The oilcloth covered cork is nicely darkened from engine oil  but retains its shape well;l. The brass "wheel" inserts in the ear flaps appear to have been removed, perhaps to facilitate better communications? There are two holes purposely cut into the side skirts, perhaps to toe a scarf or even an early oxygen mask? The helmet retains its quilted lining and inner elastic strap (no longer stretchy) as well as its original chin strap button. A very large size 59. 

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AAF Type A-11 flying helmet fitted with Type A-1 sun visor.


A very scarce modification of the A-11 flying helmet, fitted with snaps mounted in the hard ribber ear cup surrounds to mount the Type A-1 Sun Visor, which is included. I have occasionally run across the visors, and even more rarely found helmets modified to fit the visor, but this is a complete rig. The A-11 helmet is in excellent condition, though it would definitely benefit from a little leather dressing; interior is very clean, size is Large, snd it has correct ANB-H-1 receivers fitted, but lacks the wiring loom. The visor is in similar condition, Both show light use. 

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Imperial Japanese Army Air Force flying helmet. 

A displayable example of the reddish brown leather flying helmet worn by Japanese Army Air Force aviators. The leather is in good condition, if a little dry, but the interior fur lining has moulted. The leather star has been removed from the front. The rear tightening strap appears complete (does;t look like its been cut) but seems short? It may be snagged inside between the outer leather and the lining. There is no damage to the helmet and the leather is good, but I would describe it as fair to good condition based on these flaws, however  it will display fine as is or could be restored, and is priced accordingly. 

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WWII US Navy / USMC model NAF1092W flying helmet.


A good example of the winter version of this standard issue US Navy / Marine Corps flight helmet from the mid-1930s throughout WWII. This example has never had the pressed receiver cups fitted and is in very good condition, barring a little surface wear to the polyacrylate coating - however the skin is as soft and pliable as the day it was made. Includes the fleece lined chin cup -often missing. While not uncommon, the 1092W (the W stands for "winter") is the least common version of the 1092 series of helmets. No size tag but it is a large size and has a good nomenclature label.

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Scarce AAF Type AN-H-16 Winter Flying Helmet.

By far the most difficult of the WWII AAF flight helmets to find, largely because it was not produced in anywhere near the same quantities as the A-11 intermediate and AN-H-15 summer versions. The US Navy version of this helmet is more common (AN6540 series) but AAF labeled examples are very scarce. This example is in very good condition, and appears to have been issued and worn but quite gently. The shearling is nice and soft with very little evidence of the usual surface cracking to the polyacrylate coating. The rear goggle strap studs show oxidation and partial separation, as is the case almost without exception, but they are still present and still attached to the shearling, which is unusual. I suggest not closing the straps down to preserve that. There is one small surface nick beneath and behind the right hand earcup, but it shows no signs of worsening. Great woven spec. label shows nomenclature and AAF property. There is a nice white AAF ink stamp to the top as well. Overall a very decent and displayable example of a scarce helmet and in a large size.


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1920s - 30s US civilian flying / motoring helmet.

Very high quality black leather helmet of pinwheel construction with 3 grommets to each side for hearing, neatly edged in black fabric with a black flannel / blanket lining. The helmet fastens iunder the chin with a press stud / snap marked US Fastener Co. with a choice of two positions. Smallish size so possibly for a woman or child and could have been worn for flying, driving or motorcycling. Nice helmet would make a great prop or inexpensive civlian aviatior display.


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1920s - 30s style flying or motoring helmet with European styling. 


Most likely a recent vintage copy of a WWI /1920s style German / European type flying helmet. ade from glve soft "Napa" leather (and marked as such on the earflap studs) with a blue fleece lining. There is no chin strap and as far as I can see, never was. Also no goggle tab. Very small size - probably for a woman or child. This vintage retro look was popular in Europe in the 1980s and 90s and thes ehelmets were sold in many colours of leather. This example is in chestnut brown leather. A couple of slight dark spots (oil or grease stains perhaps) but otherwise new condition. Will work for a display or re-enactor with a small head!


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