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RAF and Commonwealth


RAF 1960s Mk IV  life vest by Frankenstein & Sons 22C/1479
WWII RAF Observer parachute pack

WWII RAF observer type parachute harness with early "spring clips"

Frock Aircrew, white or navy, AM or RAF marked. 

Warren helmet

Glider pilot helmet

Type 19 microphone assembly (with or without D mask)

Type E oxygen mask (not  E*)

Type E microphone carrier mask

Caterpillar club badges / groupings

G.Q. Gold Parachute Badge / certificate

Goldfish Club badges / groupings

Late Arrivals Club badges / groupings

Log books (especially with combat missions)

Battle of Britain related items

RAF officer's peaked cap / visor cap for an Air Rank officer (two rows of "scambled egg")

Prestige flying suits (black, white or navy blue)

Type D electically heated bootees and / or connectors




Luftwaffe "Channel" jacket or 2-piece suit.

LW electtrically-wired Channel jacket

Luftwaffe chest parachute harness. First type with spring clips, also 2nd type with quick release box

Luftwaffe Hm5/Hm15 oxygen mask

Luftwaffe LKH Series of Helmets

Electrically-heated rubber frame flying goggles

All models of Luftwaffe oxygen mask

Nitsche & Gunther rigid frame anti-splinter goggles (first type with spectacle arms)




Flying helmets

Oxygen masks

Life vests

White (Summer) or Green/Brown (Cold Weather) Flying jacket and trousers





Army and Navy flying helmets / oxygen masks / goggles




AAF M-4 (Grow) Anti-Flak Helmet

AAF F-1 "blue bunny" suit

AAF E-1 gloves

USN / USMC rubber coated Y-cord and two-point plug for the TH-37 receivers

USN / USMC RS76 thoat microphone






Soviet WWII flying goggles with orange cushions and raised side vents

Soviet WWII parachute harness and pack




High altitude pressure and partial pressure helmets of all countries


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