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AAF T-44C mask mounted microphone.

T-44C microphone for mounting in US oxygen masks to be compatible with RAF aircraft. Comprises the standard braided cord ftted with a US made RAF-style bell-shape jack plug, MC-253 microphone and plug jack for connecting to the ANB-H-1 receivers. Excellent condition with one slight faded area to cord. This is a T-44C - the suffix letter C indicating the manufacturer.

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AAF aircrew mask or throat microphone lead extension.

Rubber coated extension lead with 2-pin female socket at one end and single pin male plug on the other. Nice accessory in excellent condition.

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AAF T-30-S throat microphones.

Loose, used T-30-S throat microphones (the S suffix indicates manufacture by Universal Microphone of Inglewood California. All are in decent condition, though straps show use and some fraying. 2 have the wire "M" clip, one doesn't. First come first served on these.

$25 each or all 3 for $60.

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US Navy aircraft communications extension  cord for TH-37 receivers.

Rubber coated extension lead for the TH-37 receivers as fitted in the early M-450 and NAF 1092 flying helmets. Excellent condition, scarce accessory.

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US Navy aircraft Type R16 hand-held microphone.

Hand-held microphone for use in maritime reconnaissance aircraft such as the PBY Catalina and Privateer aircraft. Well marked. Made by Telephonics Corp.

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Scarce US Navy headset for flying helmet​ with ANB-H-1 receivers.

Somewhat scarce and unusual headset for the US Navy headset c.1943. About the time the joint services agreed to standardize radio equipment for Allied flyers (ANB stands for Army-Navy-British and was supposed to be interchangeable) the US Navy evidently began using the ANB-H-1 receivers with a rubber coated cord in the M-450 helmet as a replacement for the TH-37s, but instead opted for the more robust metal ANB-H-1A receivers with the next generation of helmets (AN6540/6542 etc). This is an example of the Navy interim headset. Plastic ANB-H-1 receivers with the rubberized cord and a signal corps PL-54 black plug. The cord connectors are brittle and have cracked but are still there and could be installed in a helmet with care. A scarce and seldom seen USN accessory.

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AAF T-30-S throat microphone, still sealed in UNOPENED box as issued!

It's just about impossible to do any better than this! An UNOPENED T-30-S throat microphone, still sealed with brown tape as issued some 75+ years ago. Carton is undamaged, no staining or crushing, so no reason the think it is in anything but perfect condition inside and that it will contain the microphone, elastic strap, M-clip and instruction sheet. Only one way to find out - and I'm not going to open it! A real time capsule.

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British Army tank crew and RN Fleet Air Arm throat mic. No.2 Mk II


Contracted by the Army for use in armoured vehicles, the No. 2 Mk II throat microphone was also adopted by the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm for use in low level aircraft such as the Swordfish. This example appears unissued and is still in its original box. Minor oxidation but no damage and cable is completely pliable. Wired for Army vehicle radio as manufactured - for FAA aircraft use, the single pin plug would have been replaced by a rigger with a 2-pin female aircraft radio jack. Note: the RAF did NOT issue or use throat microphones during WWII - only the Army and Fleet Air Arm. Unusual to find one in such good condition and boxed.

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RAF Air Ministry marked Gosport receivers for flying helmet.

Primarily used in training, but also for inter-crew use when maintaining radio silence, these small bakelite receivers fit easily into the eups on RAF and FAA flying helmets. Excellent condition.

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RCAF sponge rubber pads for zip ear pockets on Type B and Naval Type C flying helmets.

Original WWII stock. Black sponge rubber cushions fit inside the zip ear pockets of the Type B and Naval Type C helmets to provide noise attenuation and padding. For some reason the Canadian made types have better longevity and therefore do not harden and damage the leather and electrics of the helmet. Lovely matched pair, unissued perfect condition.

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WWII US Navy aviator push-to-talk  switch assembly for oxygen mask-mounted microphone or throat mic.


In unissued condition, the rubber coating perfect. Cord features spring-loaded button with a two-pronged connector at one end and an aircraft jack plug at the other. A rubber loop is built is for attaching to a lanyard worn around the neck or hanging at a nearby station. Naval Aircraft factory ref. number on plug


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RAF flying helmet receivers (reproductions).


With originals being so difficult to find (and expensive) these reproduction flying helmet receivers do the job of keeping the shape of your helmet ear cups and looking the part. Cast in resin from originals, they are marked with the A-crown-M and 10/12401 number. The screws undo to allow a wring loom to be looped together and inserted then secures by replacing the lower screw.

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RAF radio plug connector to enable crew to communicate while moving around aircraft.


Female connector for the helmet bell plug to allow aircrew to use radio while moving from station to station in  bomber and / or reconnaissance aircraft. Would be attached at various positions inside aircraft.

2 sold, 1 available.

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WWII Canadian Radio Receivers (pair) wire headband attached.


Nice pair of what I believe to be Candian made radio receivers of the type used in Armoured Crew helmets, still attached to their wire headband. No wiring and no canvas headband, but the paxolin insulation piece is present. Useful for completing a display. I do not believe these were used in aircraft but it is possible they may have been used by a morse operator.

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AAF (Signal Corps) radio headset adapter M-385-A (High-low Impedance switch).

While the RAF used a large lozenge shaped metal switch box in the middle of the wiring loom for high-low impedance, the USAAF version was a smaller, lighter plug-jack adapter. This example is unissued, still in its box, complete with instruction sheet. The first I have ever seen. Scarce accessory.


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USN leather ear cups for the

NAF 1092 and M-450 flying helmet.

Unused, original pair of pressed brown leather ear cups for attaching receivers to the NAF1092 or M-450 US Navy / USMC flying helmets. Not a perfect matched pair - but they rarely were used that way anyway! A very near match and would complete a helmet superbly.


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USN receiver / headset earcups Type MC-114 for the R-15 receivers.


Black rubber earcups comprising half pneumatic / solid rubber and half sponge rubber (similar to the T-66 sty;e cups used on flying helmets). These are Type MC-114 which were actually used with R-15 and similar receivers. I have seen these fitted on flying helmets but more frequently on headsets. Excellent condition, rubber soft and pliable with no sign of perishing. Note: these cups DO NOT FIT the TH-37 receivers.


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US Navy headset receiver pads.


Hard black rubber noise-attenuating ​earcups lined with chamois donuts, model NAF-48490-1 for attaching to the ANB-H-1A receivers when fitted to a headband. These were also used on flying helmets and in some cases M-450 helmets were modified by cementing these in place or sewing them using a border of chamois. Matched pair.

(A few pairs available).

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AAF headset receiver pads.


Hard black rubber noise-attenuating ​earcups lined with chamois donuts, for attaching to the ANB-H-1 receivers when fitted to the HB-7 headband. Matched pair.

(A few pairs available).

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Superb original WWI WRAF photograph


Excellent and large fornat original photograph showing three women of the WRAF in WWI. an outstanding example of the uniforms they wore c.1918-19.  Approx. 4" x 6" with slight creasing / cracking at bottom corners.


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