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AAF A-10 Modified oxygen mask dated 4-43.

Very good example of the A-10 Modified oxygen mask, one of the rarer early types used by the AAF when they first entered WWII. The original A-10 mask had a full head harness, including a rubber strap built into the nose of the mask. This was fond to be cumbersome, and the mask was factory modified by removing the the nose extension and fitting a simpler strap system that attached to the sides of the flying helmet. In due course, the new version was remoulded and produced as the A-10R (Revised) but as an interim, these modified masks were issued as the A-10M (Modified). There is clear evidence that this mask has had its nose extension removed, making it one of those early, and nowadays quite rare, examples. Rubber is in great shape overall, with minor surface crazing at the top (does not affect pliability) and the hose is slightly crushed from storage near the junction with the mask body - but again, this does not affect the strength of the mask in any way. Nose wire firmly in place.



RARE RAF Type J Pressure Breathing Oxygen Mask.


The Type J was the first pressure breathing mask developed by the RAF. Though based on the design of the successful Type H mask, it required a completely new set of moulds and actually has no common parts. It was produced in very small numbers for high altitude trials, but never adopted on any scale, the US designed A-13 being preferred instead. The Type J in general did not survive well, having a soft sponge rubber interior and different cure of rubber for the exterior. Most found today are hard or damaged. This, by comparison, is in excellent condition. The exterior rubber is pliable, and though it exhibits some surface cracks in high stress areas, there is no actual damage. The interior sponge rubber, though a little brittle at the edges, is overall very good. Mask is clean, showing light use, with good straps. By far the best example I have ever come across. An extremely rare mask, dated 2/54.

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RAF Type G oxygen mask.

A decent, but definitely not perfect, entry level example of a Type G oxygen mask. The grey/green rubber is still pliable and the nosewire is present and has not pulled out of its moulded lugs. Strap still has some stretch. The edge has folded in and the rubber partially perished in 3 places,  mostly the lower right hand side and bottom edge. Each area is about 2-3cm but extends only 3-4 mm into the mask. The perished areas are not sticky, nor brittle and crumbly, and if displayed with a helmet on a styrofoam head, would not even show. Evidently this must have happened at some time in the past and the rubber has now stabilized in its present condition and displays just fine, but the mask is priced accordingly. Fitted with a Type 48 microphone (short lead) and a gauze shield. 

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RAF transit / blanking cap for the Type  E* and G oxygen mask in plastic / Bakelite.


Transit cap for the RAF Type E* and Tyope G oxygen mask. Used to keep the mask's shape in transit and storage before the microphone was installed. These  were made of wood. Some are engraved with nomenclature, some are ink stamped and some are blank. Will try to fulfill specific requests but no guarantees. When they are gone, they're gone!


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WWII RAF gauze screen for the Type 25 / 26 microphone as fitted in the Type E, E* and G oxygen mask. Stores ref. 10A/12925.


This simple gauze screen was an afterthought to prevent moisture (spit) from getting into the microphone and shorting it out. Aluminium frame and dine wire gauze mesh. Each is stamped with the stores ref. no 10A/12925 (stamping is clearer on some than others and one is worn away). Five available.


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WWII AAF issue oxygen mask clips for attaching A-10A, A-13, A-13A and A-14 mask to flight helmet.


These were issued with all mask kits but are often missing and as with other accessory items, when you need one....


Several available. All are WWII production though vary slightly in design and manufacturer. Will try to accommodate specific types but basically my choice.


Price for one clip: $20 / £15 / €18  email for more information

2003 dated USAF issue gas mask, with canister, clip-on outer lens and gas mask case.


In lovely condition, but no guarantees it will work - sold only as a collectible / display item. Grey silicon rubber face piece with clear soft rubber lens, hard shell acrylic clip on outer lens, elastic strap and detachable canister. Contained in its green nylon bag with various straps. I know little to nothing about this kind of kit but someone out there does!

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Superb original WWI WRAF photograph


Excellent and large fornat original photograph showing three women of the WRAF in WWI. an outstanding example of the uniforms they wore c.1918-19.  Approx. 4" x 6" with slight creasing / cracking at bottom corners.


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