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WWII "Home Front" police officer's truncheon. 


15.5" (40cm) in length, and made from solid hardwood, the truncheon has been synonymous with British police officers for centuries, though modern truncheons are quite different. In WWII, the truncheon was made of wood and just as much a part of the uniform as his whistle and gas mask. A few dings in the wood but a lovely example. Missing its leather wrist strap, but the hoile is there and it would be easy to replace.

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Unusual Home Front item from Nazi Germany: cabbage grater clearly marked DRGM.

DRGM (Deutsches Reich Gebrauchsmuster - the equivalent of a patent mark) marked cabbage grater which may have seen military use due to its field grey painted finish. Measures 11" x 4.5" (28cm x 11cm) with six integral cutting blades  for slicing a cabbage and other vegetables for making soup etc. Much of the paint is worn off the front side from use, and more removed in cleaning,  but the back retains about 85% of its original field grey paint.  Great condition. Wonderful item to display with a Luftwaffe dinner set!

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Excellent Civilian Service Respirator dated 1940 with bag, anti-dim and instruction leaflet.


The Civilian Service Respirator was exclusively for issue to those civilians in wartime service capacity such as Police, ARP, etc. It was a more robust version of the civilian issue mask though sed the exact same filter. This mask is well marked, dated 1940 and in excellent condition; the rubber is pliable and the straps are still elastic. The only part which has stiffened is the rubberized canvas pad which fits on the back of the head. Includes correct canvas shoulder bag with pocket for anti-dim/fogging compound and rare instruction sheet. Made by Siebe Gorman. Great example of a home front gas mask.

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ARP (Air Raid Precautions) First Aid Outfit No. 4 complete with all contents. 

Contained in a sturdy cardboard box, this ARP First Aid Outfit No. 4 contains a full compliment of cotton wool, lint, bandages, adhesive plaster, iodine, safety pins and a rope tourniquet, all in outstanding condition. Light staining to outside of box, but all contents are superb.

Lovely Home Front item which would have been carried by all ARP Wardens to render first aid to casualties.

Measures 9.5" x 10" x 2" (24cm  x 26cm x 5cm).

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ARP (Air Raid Precautions) official's armband or armlet.


White cotton arm band with printed letters ARP for Air Raid Precautions, worn by officials who were appointed by authorities (or volunteered) to ensure black out regulations were maintained and take charge in the event of an air raid, shepherding people to shelters, treating casualties etc. Elastic straps are stretched out but armband is clean and in great condition.

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ARP Warden's "Police" style pea-less whistle.

Chrome or nickel plated pea-less whistle of the same type and style used by Police, issued to Air Raid Precautions Wardens and officials to control crowds and command attention. Engraved ARP and maker's name; Hudson of Birmingham.  Excellent condition.

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Lovely silk "Victory" handkerchief, depicting the flags of all the Allied nations that fought together and won WW2.

Unused, in beautiful, pristine condition, this small  (12" square) keepsake of WW2 is significant in that it recognizes all of the Allied nations - not just the "main contenders."  Printed in bright, rich colours flags of every country are shown from Australia, and India, China, canada, USSR, Czechoslovakia, Poland, New Zealan, Free France, South Africa, Greece, Holland, Great Britain and USA, plus shields with flags of Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Norway, Belgium etc. Around the edge, a border shows symbols of the countries intertwined through the word "Victory." An unusual souvenir in lovely condition.

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AAF "Know Your Airplanes" Plane-O-Graph ID recognition disk.

One of the best aircraft ID devices of the war and a fabulous home front item! This huge (13" diameter) disk can be rotated to show a picture plus details of each aircraft. On the back is a selection of squadron patches. Disk is in excellent condition, with minimal wear and chips - but best of all is it comes with its original paper envelope, which is extremely rare and unusual to find. Envelope has some wear and tear and a few minor chips but is essentially intact. Great item.

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Player's Cigarette card album with complete set of cards "Aircraft of the Royal Air Force" c.1939. 


Lovely Home Front item - a complete set of players cigarette cards, neatly pasted into their album. Includes iconic aircraft such as the Spitfire, Blenheim, Hurricane as well as many lesser known aircraft of the immediate pre-WWII years with detailed descriptions. Excellent condition, staples slightly rusty but still holding it together tightly.

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ARP / home front Blitz blackout torch (flashlight).

Black metal body with a thick, frosted glass lens and low wattage bulb to shine a low light for finding your way around in the blackout. There were no street lights and no houses were allowed to show a light during the war, for fear of attracting enemy bombers, so ARP Wardens and other civilians with valid reason for being out and about were given these torches. They were not readily available because batteries were in short supply and rationed. Some light surface rust but complete and switch operates smoothly. Frosted lens is cracked but this is only o=a t the very edge. It still fits and unctions and barely shows. I have not tested the torch but I dare say with careful cleaning it could be made to work.

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WWII era Police whistle "The Metropolitan" - as issued to Police all over Great Britain. 


Patterned after the whistle first used by the Metropolitan Police (London) in the 19th century and issued to Police everywhere, this was the standard style Police whistle used in the war years. Pewter whistle marked "The Metropolitan" and "Made in England" - great condition with minimal wear.


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WWII AAF "Mother" pillow case gift - unusual size 12" x 8"


Poignant WWII AAF gift from an airman, probably acquired at the PX or from a local souvenir supplier and sent home for his mother's birthday, or perhaps for "Mother's Day" (Coming up very soon!). This is a beautiful piece in a very unusual size - may even have been for a new mother to use for her baby? White and yellow satin with flap opening, silk screened with winged propellor and crossed 48-star flags, "Mother" silk-screened on the flap of the opening. In excellent condition. A lovely souvenir item in excellent, perhaps unused condition. Size is very unusual - most that you see are square rather than rectangular.


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WWII RAF handkerchief with hand-embroidered pilot wings.


Probably a gift for luck to a pilot from his wife or sweetheart, the wings have been beautifully embroidered into the corner of this sky blue cotton handkerchief. Looks like it has been used to blot some ink, or perhaps somethig was written below the wings which has now bled and blurred. Minor stains but has been laundered, so it is clean. The marks do not detract from the lovely work.


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Complete set of Players Cigarette cards - RAF aircraft 

Excellent "Home front" item! A complete set of Players aircraft cigarette cards featuring RAF aircraft, circa 1939. Most cards in very good to excellent condition, with some showing minor creases, corner wear etc. Still retain their gummed backing for adhering in album. Preserved and supplied in archival plastic pages.


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WWII AAF souvenir pillow case for airman to send as a gift to his mother, sweetheart or family member.


Pillow cases were very popular souvenir items to send home to wives, sweethearts and mothers. Not uncommon - but this example is in absolutely superb condition, and was evidently put away and never used. White satin background with the silhouette of a 4-engine bomber at the top and numerous other bombers in formation, plus single engined fighters at the bottom with aircraft hangars beneath the US AAF emblem. Yellow silk tassels around the border and blue silk reverse. Amazing condition. 

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WWII Kelloggs "Pep" badges / pins 


A giveaway with Kelloggs cereal during the war, these small pins feature the insignia of different AAF and USN aviation squadrons. Each is marked around the edge with which squadron. A colourful collectible for kids and adults alike! Now quite rare because so few survived. these have a few chips to the paint and some rust to the pins, but overall good condition. Total 8.


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WWII AAF souvenir pillow case for airman to send as a gift to his mother.


Pillow cases were very popular souvenir items to send home to wives, sweethearts and mothers, with some being more specific than others. This one is a gift for an airman's mother, with a flocked design of the winged propellor and a poem  or ode to "mother". Yellow flocking on brown satin with a yellow fringe around the outside, and plain black satin back.  It is in good condition, no damage, although the flocking is worn in places. Just overall creased and would benefit from ironing. 


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Superb original WWI WRAF photograph


Excellent and large fornat original photograph showing three women of the WRAF in WWI. an outstanding example of the uniforms they wore c.1918-19.  Approx. 4" x 6" with slight creasing / cracking at bottom corners.


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