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Superb original WWI WRAF photograph


Excellent and large fornat original photograph showing three women of the WRAF in WWI. an outstanding example of the uniforms they wore c.1918-19.  Approx. 4" x 6" with slight creasing / cracking at bottom corners.


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Uniforms / Hats

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Fantastic pre-war/WWII rare US Army "Dress Whites" uniform complete: visor cap, tunic and trousers.


Extremely rare uniform: the "Dress Whites" were considered "optional" and only ever authorized for wear in the tropics and hot countries. The US Army equivalent of the US Navy whites, this particular pattern was introduced in 1938 but suspended in 1941 with war on the horizon (those that had it could still wear it but no more were to be made). It reappeared some time after WWII and remained in use until 1959 with the USAF and 1968 with the army - but later variants tended to be made of  cheaper, synthetic materials. This example is high quality linen, with satin lining, hand tailored by David Wong, Hong Kong and Japan. Though it might possibly be immediate post-war, it is more likely that a Hong Kong tailor would have a branch in Japan before hostilities than afterwards, when British and Chinese relations were more strained (prior to the war, trade relations between British Hong Kong and Japan were at their height). Though this uniform is not identified, it bears the rank of major. It seems likely that an officer stationed in Hawaii might well buy himself a uniform from a superior custom tailor in Hong Kong. Condition is fantastic; no damage, no staining. Workmanship is exquisite, reflecting the time period and the quality of Hong Kong tailoring. The cap, though matching, is a US made "Berkshire" built on the basketwork frame typical of the pre-war era. A rare and superb uniform.

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Pre-WW2 US  Army Air Corps dress gloves in white leather.

Beautiful pair of white calf skin gloves, never worn. Part of the US army full dress uniform (known as "dress whites") prior to 1941. marked with ref. numbers and size medium. Excellent condition.

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Scarce RNZAF officer's  Service Dress tunic to a pilot / Squadron Leader.


Another scarce Commonwealth uniform item. This RNZAF service dress tunic features a superb pair of heavily padded pilot wings which appear to be Canadian made (from the red silk in the crown) and medal ribbons which include the 39-45 star, Air Crew Europe Star with rosette for France and Germany clasp, victory and defence medals. It has NZ marked buttons and correct officer's New Zealand shoulder tabs, and is in overall excellent condition with no damage and very little wear. The extra lace for Squadron Leader was evidently added following promotion because it shows less fading than the wider bands. Sadly there is no ID inside the tunic, nor any evidence of a tag, so cannot be identified, but is a lovely example of  a scarce an authentic wartime tunic.


Royal Navy VR (Aviation) uniform jacket and Warm named to a DSC winner with some historical significance.


Fleet Air Arm Uniform jacket and overcoat (Warm) both named to Peter Ernest Cumberland, a pilot with 825 squadron flying from HMS Vindex who received Mention in Despatches for 2 attacks on U-Boats in April 1944 and the DSC in December 1944. Jacket has Lieutenant rank lace with the "A" in the curl, pilot wing and medal ribbons for DSC , 39-45 Star and oak leaf for the MID. Sadly the jacket has some moth damage to the front (which shows up far worse in the pictures than in person). This jacket was worn on operations and being of historic significance it is well worth preserving; and with professional care, it could be restored. Gieves label inside pocket has Cumberland's information and date of July 1943. The overcoat (Warm) is in very good condition, with a couple of minor moth tracks but nothing serious. A beautiful and quite heavy wool coat with an embroidered name tag sewn inside. 

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Complete WWII US Navy Air Gunner's uniform: cap, jumper and trousers with all insignia. 


A superb example of a complete US Navy aircrew / air gunner's uniform, ready to display. Comprises blue "donald duck" style cap with US Navy ribbon. bell-bottom trousers with all buttons and ties, plus navy blue "jumper" with built in collar and all correct, wartime insignia. Includes Air Gunner's First Class badge to right sleeve, ratings badge to the rank of Petty Officer, Second Class indicating air branch to left sleeve, pinback sterling Meyer hallmarked combat aircrew wing with 2 "stars" and medal ribbon bar. The ruptured duck is also sewn to the jumper. All in excellent, used but not abused or damaged condition. No labels or ID that I can find, but 100% original.


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WWII US Navy aircrew ensign's visor cap plus a wonderful and extensive grouping of accessories all named with photos etc. 


All the hard-to-find accessories for completing a uniform display. Comprises white cotton kit bag which contains the following: Nice ensign's visor cap fitted with khaki cover plus a complete set of cap covers: 3 white, one blue, one green (aviation) plus the waterproof cover. Green cover has some nothing but not too bad. Also includes several pairs of socks, 2 ties, 2 belts, set of unused USN buttons still in the box, superb hand-tinted photo of him wearing the cap, ID bracelet, fabulous Art Deco style leather wallet, medal ribbons, several old badges. Also includes a beautiful sterling set of boxed aircrew wings which came with this set and were originally listed separately. All items are named to F.G. Buehler (or FGB), except kit bag which is named to Robert Buehler - perhaps a relative? This is how it came.

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RAF Kings Crown WWII uniform full-size brass buttons.


A quantity of WWII period RAF uniform buttons (all full-size for tunic or greatcoat). Various different makers, including Gaunt, Firmin, etc. and styles - all with King's Crown. Let me know your needs and I will try to find matching styles while stocks last.

Price each.

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RAF Queen's Crown (postwar) uniform full-size brass buttons.


A quantity of postwar RAF uniform buttons (all full-size for tunic or greatcoat). Various different makers, and styles - including a few  "Sta-brite" - all with Queen's Crown. Let me know your needs and I will try to find matching styles while stocks last.

Price each.

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WWII US Army (AAF) uniform buttons.


A small quantity of US Army uniform buttons, various sizes and styles. One full set for a uniform (4 large / 4 mall) plus a few odds including hat buttons)

Price for set of 8  $13 / £10 / €12

Price (each) loose  $1.30 / £1 / €1.15

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