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Superb original WWI WRAF photograph


Excellent and large fornat original photograph showing three women of the WRAF in WWI. an outstanding example of the uniforms they wore c.1918-19.  Approx. 4" x 6" with slight creasing / cracking at bottom corners.


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Flying Goggles

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Extremely RARE Royal Naval Air Service flying / observer's goggles.

Only the second set I have ever come across of these incredibly rare goggles. Housed in a beautiful wooden case, complete with a full set of interchangeable glass lenses, each with a different colour tint for different conditions. Also included is a detailed instruction booklet listing the use of each set of lenses. Goggles are in unissued condition, perfect leather facemask with split frames for inserting lenses, white metal frames and elastic strap, velvet backing and faux fur surround. Baize lined case divided into compartments for the lenses. 


WWII RAF Mk VIII Flying Goggles.


Wartime RAF Mk VIII goggles. Well used combat veterans, though they are all there and complete with no damage, just heavily soiled from use. Blue grey frames with clear laminated angled lenses, leather cushions and a tired but original strap. No visible markings but they tick all the boxes for WWII production. 



RCAF Mk III flying goggles dated 1940.


Identical to the RAF / Air Ministry issue production Mk III goggles, these Canadian made version were used extensively in WWII.  Well marked and dated 1940, these are in excellent condition, well above average, with soft leather, good frames and lenses that show only minor surface wear  and scratches. Good springs and strap. One stopper missing as is so often the case with Mk II and IIIa goggles, but could be replaced or displayed as is.

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Early version of RAF Mk VII flying goggles.

Brass frames painted ultramarine blue with leather pads and early leather strap. Frames are above average with minor dings and bends to brass but actually hold their shape well. Leather is a little dry and shows slight scuffing in places; lenses have minimal delamination. Overall a lovely and very displayable set of goggles.

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Very good set of AAF Bausch & Lomb sunglasses, issue pattern, complete with velvet lined aluminium case


Typical issue for AAF pilots and aircrews, these original "aviator" style sunglasses feature green tinted glass lenses, brow bar with ivory plastic  cover, gilt frames and wrap-around cables to fit on the ears. As issued in their B&L marked aluminium case lines with cream coloured velvet. One of the tiny ivory plastic nose rest pads is missing and would need to be replaced if you want to wear these - but doesn't show for display. Lenses and frames are excellent. They look great!

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Scare pair of WWI French flying goggles: "Googlette No. 3".


Beautiful pair of WWI French flying goggles featuring nickel plates frames, cylindrical glass lenses (rare and expensive to produce at that time); adjustable bridge, rubber cushions and elastic strap. Overall condition is remarkable, especially for their age; the rubber cushions have stiffened but this in no way detracts from their appearance. Frames, lenses and strap are very clean. Strap retains elasticity and may be a later replacement, but if so is indistinguishable from an original. A lovely par of goggles that could easily have been worn by aviators of any of the warring nations.

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Great War - early 1920s French Aviator's Goggles in alloy case.


In amazing condition, these typical style early aviation goggles appear to have never been used or taken out of their case. The frames show a little age darkening and the tubular rubber cushions have stiffened up a little (but remain slightly pliable) but the strap is w almost as elastic as new, and the brown tinted celluloid acetate lenses are relatively unscratched and unscathed, if perhaps showing slight shrinkage. Case is marked on top "Aviator Goggle - Brevete SGDG". An excellent find that display well with the Roold helmet listed elsewhere.

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Willson US Navy Aviation Goggles, all-rubber mask, in unissued condition with original case.


A very scarce pair of late WWII aviation goggles in excelent, unissued and unused condiotn. The black rubber mask is completely pliable, the acetate lens is clear with only minor surface scratches, elastic strap like new and chamois backing bright and clean. Still in theor original, well marked leatherette covered case. A rare find!


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1930s Art Deco goggles /sunglasses with grey smoke lenses for flight over water. Probably made by Theodore Hamblin of London.


Came as part of a large collection of flying headgear and are especially nice because they feature the grey smoke lenses specially developed for flying over water. Leather side shields have some small tears but otherwise these look great and display well. No markings that I can find but the distinctive triangular lenses resemble a popular style available from Theodore Hamblin of London. Come with their original, fitted, blue velvet lined aluminium case.  A great find and an excellent display accessory.

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WWII Ratti Cicogna Italian flying goggles.


Sadly not in the best of shape, but perhaps restorable as a project or usable for parts. These are however rare and iconic of Italian pilots in WWII. Frames and all hardware is fine. One front lens section is cracked. Silken elastic strap is original but stretched out. Cushions are dried out and partally missing. Could be displayed as is in "relic" condition or restored with the help of new cushions. The cushions were actually flat white rubber with a waffle pattern rather than moulded, so could be done. Priced according to condition.


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WWII AAF and USN replacement lenses for the B-6, B-7, AN6530, Willson Mk II and Mk IV flying goggles.


Various available as follows:


USN contract American Optical lenses clear (wrapped, unopened): pair  £27 / $35 / €30 

AAF Bausch and Lomb lenses, clear (wrapped and in envelope): pair £27 / $35 / €30

AAF / USN clear lenses, used but perfect: pair £22 / $25 / €20

AAF / USN clear lenses, used, one small chip at edge

           (doesn't show when installed in frame): pair £15 / $20 / €18


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