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Superb original WWI WRAF photograph


Excellent and large fornat original photograph showing three women of the WRAF in WWI. an outstanding example of the uniforms they wore c.1918-19.  Approx. 4" x 6" with slight creasing / cracking at bottom corners.


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Aircraft Parts and Relics

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RAF / RCAF Morse code aircraft identification transmitter switchbox No. 2 Mk III. 5C/372

Transmitter for aircraft identification, it sends out a steady signal or can be overridden to tap out a Morse code message. Perfect condition and appears to be fully-functioning, hinged on left to open and printed instructions are inside. A rare item that saved many lives!

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Italian Aircraft data plate from a Savoia Marchetti.


Superb, heavy bronze or brass data plate from an Italian Savoia Marchetti aircraft. I am not sure which model, or which part this is from, but in typical over-the-top Italian styling of the period it is beautifully made.  Most probably 1920s or 1930s. (Special thanks to my friend Boris Comazzi for the translation)

MARTINETTO IDRAULICO DIS.(egno)                   Hydraulic actuator drawing …

CORSA                                                                        Stroke…

SEZ.(ione) CAM.(era) APER. (ta)                           Barrel internal volume when open                                                                                          (supposedly, normally “sezione”

                                                                                      means “cross section”) 

SEZ.(ione) CAM.(era) CHIUS.(a)                             Barrel internal volume when

                                                                                      closed… (same as above)

PRESS.(ione) MAX.(ima) D’UTILIZZ(o)                 Max operating pressure…

TENERE L’ASTA PULITA ED INGRASS.(ata)         Keep rod clean and greased.

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Relic from 600th aircraft shot down by fighters operating out of Biggin Hill.


On November 30th, 1940, Spitfires of "Sailor" Malan's 74 squadron flown by F/O Mungo Park and F/O Stephen shot down a Messerschmitt Bf109 - the 600th "kill" for the station of Biggin Hill. It was a much celebrated event, great for public morale who had endured the Battle of Britain and the Blitz. The media covered it in depth (including a wonderful Pathe newsreel click here). In January 1972, the remains of the aircraft were recovered by an archaeological group and this piece was presented to an RAF veteran who was also one of the organizers of reunions for RAF veterans. In turn it was given to a major collection which is now being dispersed. The piece measures 9" x 4" (230mm x 102mm) and is mounted on a  wooden plaque measuring 9" x 7" (230mm x 179mm). A superb piece of history.

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Reflector Gunsight Glass from Spitfire flown by RAF Polish Ace Jan Falkowski with letters of provenance from Falkowski.


Fantastic piece of history! This is the glass oval from the reflector gusight in a Spitfire flown by RAF Polish Ace and Battle of Britain pilot Jan Falkowski, complete with provenance including personal letters from Falkowski concernng the glass and all original packing material. The glass had been broken and he wanted to replace it, so a well known historian arranged for a replacement piece in exchange for the original pieces. These pieces have been rassembled carefully (like a jigsaw puzzle) though one small piece is missing. Imagine what Falkowski saw through this glass! I have it displayed in a small shadow box (it looks great) but it will be removed and carefully packed for shipping. This lot includes multiple original signatures. I will also send buyer more photos i electronic form. Falkowski flew with 32 squadron in the Battle of Britain, then the famed 303 squadron among others, finally commanding the 3rd Polish Wiing. He received the DFC and top Polish awards and ended the war as a POW. He moved to Canada after the war and ran a flying school.


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Pacific war aircraft relic 3. Piece of shrapnel from a bombing raid by a Japanese "Betty" bomber.​

From the same collection as the two relics listed above, and with a note signed by the same veteran, a small piece of shrapnel, 3" long, gathered after a bombing raid on American ships during the invasion of Okinawa. Though small this is dense and heavy so is probably a piece of the bomb casing designed to inflict maximum injury. An interesting relic well worth researching and displaying in a Pacific War collection.


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