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Superb original WWI WRAF photograph


Excellent and large fornat original photograph showing three women of the WRAF in WWI. an outstanding example of the uniforms they wore c.1918-19.  Approx. 4" x 6" with slight creasing / cracking at bottom corners.


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Insignia / Badges

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AAF Winged Prop insignia

Standard wartime winged prop collar and / or cap insignia x 3. Each similar but slightly different, with clutch back fastenings. 2 have clutches, the third lacks its prongs. Price is for all 3.

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WWII AAF embroidered shoulder patch.

Standard AAF uniform shoulder patch. 100% original, in excellent condition.

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AAF original 14th Air Force "Flying Tiger" Distinctive Insignia.

Lovely original WWII DI (Distinctive Insignia) for the 14th Air Force "Flying Tiger" depicting a winged tiger on a blue field with AAF insignia. Enamel and gilt with pin back. Shows wear but all enamel is intact. Just under 1" diameter.

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AAF P-40 Warhawk "challenge" coin.

1.5" diameter silver metal coin deppicting a Curtiss P-40 Warhawk in flight on the "heads" side, and three-view profile on the "tails" side, with statistical data around the edge.  Shows light wear, so very fine but not mint condition. (Note: this is not a lightweight allow "token" type coin - it is heavy). No idea what era this is from. It might be a reunion piece or a commemorative, but it's a great piece for any P-40 or Flying Tigers fan - never get caught without your "challenge" coin!

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Pair early pinback AAF winged props in sterling.

Though not a matched pair, these are very close and came as a set. Both are marked "sterling" though one has a plain back and the other a snowflake back. Great set.

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AAF embroidered pilot wing, white silk on chocolate felt.


Quite unusual to see AAF wings embroidered onto chocolate coloured felt, and this is a wonderful example. Lovely detail, full size wing.

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Felt embroidered AAF shoulder patch.

In excellent condition, no mothing, wear or damage.

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WWI uniform pinback Ribbon Bar.


Oversized pinback ribbon bar with the  British War medal and Victory medal ribbons. Excellent original condition and much larger than normally seen


WWII RCAF other ranks cap badge.


Lovely original RCAF cap badge has been lovingly polished to make it gleam and remove all the details from the surface, as was the style airmen strove for.

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Sample set of 3 RCAF uniform buttons.


Lovely set of unused RCAF uniform buttons, one in each of the sizes made (large for tunic, medium for pocket and small for cap). Attached to a piece of cardboard and bound at the back with wire. Perhaps a salesman's sample or collected during the war, but crisp as the day they were made (if somewhat dull and tarnished - I have left them as is, it's up to the new owner to polish if desired). Can't tell the maker without removing from card which i do not want to do.

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Miniature observer brevet for the mess dress jacket, possibly WWI RFC or very early RAF .


Beautiful and quite rare miniature Observer badge in gold and silver bullion wire embroidery on fine wool background, showing lots of patina and tarnish. Measures 2" (50mm) diagonally across from the bottom left of the O to the tip of the wing, on an oilcloth backing. Possibly as early as WWI but  am include to think 1920s. Would very likely clean up if desired but perfect as is.

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WWII (pre-1952) RAF other ranks brass cap / beret badge.

Nice example of the WWII period (kings crown) brass other ranks cap badge. Slight discoloration from oxidation in one spot would probably clean up if desired. Nice crisp strike. Lug back and with cotter pin.

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WWII US Navy pilot wing in gold-filled sterling by Amico.

Lovely example of the WWII style pilot wing for US Naval aviators, marked AMICO Sterling + 1/20th 10K gold. Shows good wear and patina. Heavy wing.

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Stunning and rare WWI miniature French "FIX: wing badge; from which the RNAS and eventually the RAF designed its iconic eagle.

Absolutely lovely miniature "FIX" eagle badge dating from early WWI and made in France. 1.25" (32mm) and appears to be gold but I cannot find any hallmarks other than the name "FIX". History tells us that a high ranking Royal Navy officer purchased one of thee badges for his wife and liked it so much that he insisted it be adopted as the flying badge for the RNAS - and later of course it became the cuff and shoulder badge for the RAF. This is the first miniature I have seen and it is exquisite in its detail and construction.

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Lovely WWII AAF pilot wing.

Standard issue type pilot wing, with no markings to rear, clutch back style. It looks like sterling with tarnish and patina but not marked as such. Nice, honest full-size 3" wing.

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Unused WWII AAF sterling ID bracelet.

Lovely sterling silver ID bracelet as worn by many AAF pilots and aircrew, but this example was never engraved or used. Strong clasp.

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Set of 2 Distinctive Insignia for the Army Air Corps Advanced Flying Training School.

Lovely matching pair of enameled DIs, pin back and maker marked NS Meyer bearing the famous UT VIRI VOLENT scroll under the flaming torch. Excellent condition.

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WWII RAF brass Flight Sergeant's crowns.

Full size brass King's Crown badges, worn above the 3 chevrons on each arm to denote the rank of Flight Sergeant. Quite a hard to find item these days. Small quantity available. Some make reasonable matching pairs and I will try to match them as best I can if you want a pair, but offered singly.

Price each £15 / $20 / €17   email for more information


Original wartime US Army Air Forces jacket sleeve decal for the A-2, B-3 etc.


Scarce original water transfer (decal) for the upper sleeve of the A-2 / B-3 flight jacket etc. It would be slid into position then sealed with a clear polyacrylate coating. Most of these have worn off, or cracked and peeled over time. No guarantees this will work - it is 70+ years old! Great display item though and almost impossible to find.


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RAF pilot wing.

Standard early to mid-war pilot's brevet, cream silk on dark blue wool with a tan cotton backing material. Nice example, shows evidence of being sewn on but no discernible wear.

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RAF full dress uniform shoulder boards circa 1920.


For wear only by officers and only on the full dress uniform, this superb set of shoulder boards features gold wire embroidered eagles (left and right facing) with rank lace indicating a Flight Lieutenant. Includes gilt RAF buttons and white leather backing.

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WWII AAF 3" Air Gunner wing in sterling silver


Standard full-size graduation issue US Army Air Forces Air Gunner wing, not maker marked but stamped "sterling". Two-piece construction with applied winged bullet in heavily stylized art deco design. Pin back. A lovely example.


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WWII AAF sweetheart brooch for the girlfriend of a captain.


Beautifully made silver sweetheart brooch in silver (though not marked) comprises a tiny winged prop badge joined together with a chain to a miniature set of captain's bars - both with separate pins. A unique style I have not seen before.

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WWII AAF winged prop sweetheart pin in sterling silver.


Miniature winged prop pin with snowflake back and marked "sterling" - lovely sweetheart pin.

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WWII large USN "Pilot Wing" desk or door ornament.


A very large and superbly well-made brass USN pilot wing measuring 9.5 inches across. Perfect display accessory for the collector of US Navy flying gear!


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WWII USN officer's full-size visor cap badge.


Beautifully made full-size USN visor cap badge, s-piece construction with screw back. Maker marked Amcraft and 1/20 10K gold. Superb patina.


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WWII USN officer's overseas cap badge


Beautifully made small size clutch back  badge for the overseas cap. Marked W-22-N


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WWII USN ratings sleeve  badges (x3)


Please see pictures. All are WWII and came from a veteran's estate.


1. On blue wool still in cellophane wrapping dated 1945

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2. On white cotton unused dated 1945

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3. Air Electronics tech. On blue wool unused (larger)

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Early RAF identity disk "dog" tag.


Pressed fibreboard disk incised with the name J.B. Richardson, his serial number 155087 and his religion C.E. (Church of England). The reverse is marked "RAF."

Not a scarce item but a nice perosnal display.


Priced at £12 / $15 / €14  email for more details

Various WWII RAF rank / trade insignia.


All WWII period except where noted.


Warrant Officer cuff badge (QC - early 1950s)

£7.85 / $10 / €8.95


Leading Aircraftsman (2-bladed prop) 3 different

each £3.95 / $5 / €4.90


Senior Aircraftsman (3-bladed prop) 2 different

each £3.95 / $5 / €4.90


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