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The saying goes that you can never have too many books. I have always enjoyed keeping an extensive library of reference materials, history books and publications which I consider valuable research tools. This includes many biographies and documentary accounts and in some cases even fictional literature. Over the years I have acquired duplicates, revised editions and in some cases author signed and first editions, leaving me with books that are surplus to my needs.


The following titles are available. To reserve one of these books, email me with the title and your preferred means of payment (Paypal, personal check, Money Order) and I will send you an invoice.

RARE WWI booklet by a RNAS officer "Early Flying in Orkney". NOW $20


Long out of print, this 1985 booklet by Rev. Dr. T. Crouther Gordon, DFC is based on his diaries as a RNAS pilot in WWI, flying in the Orkney Ilsnads in Scotland. It includes 16 pages of b/w photographs as well as maps and drawings, over 40 pages altogether. A very interesting account.

$25 / £20 / €23  

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"Jump For It!" stories of the Caterpillar Club, by Gerald Bowman.


First edition of this classic book, published in 1955, featuring stories of the caterpillar Club - the exclusive club for those who have had their lives saved by taking to the silk. The club was founded by Leslie Irvin, inventor of the modern parachute, though he himself never became a member (he made hundreds of jumps, but never in an emergency!). Thgis books features stories from the early days, though World War 2 and into the early jet age, of daring escapes from aircraft by parachute. A classic! Book is solid, dust jacket with some tears and chips and the top edge missing. School prize bookplate pasted in, but no writing or damage.

$15 / £12/ €14  

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Selection of Osprey Vintage Warbirds books. Used but very good condition, minor creasing and foxing. NOW $15 each

VW 1. Royal Flying Corps in WWI by Raymond Laurance Rimell

VW 2. German Army Air Service in WWI by Raymond Laurance Rimell

VW 6. Fokker Fighter by Alex Imrie

VW 7. Air War over Gt. Britain 1914-18 by Raymond Laurance Rimell

VW 8. German Air Aces of WWI by Alex Imrie

VW 9. WWI in the Air by Raymond Laurance Rimell

Price each.

$20 / £17 / €19  email to secure this item

Spitfire Diary by E.A.W. (Ted) Smith


Air to ground combat in World War II. Eakin Press. 1988.

Excellent memoir. Sent media mail ($3 postage) US only.

ISBN 1-57168-046-2

Hard Cover 240 pages.


$10  email for more detail

Desert Flyer - The Log and Journal of Flying Officer William Marsh

Martyn R. Ford Jones NOW $10


Schiffer. 1997

Excellent memoir. Sent media mail ($3 postage) US only.

ISBN 0-7643-0347-3

Hard Cover 338 pages.


$15  email for more detail

Target Germany: The US Army Air Force's official story of the VIII bomber command's first year over Europe. NOW $10


Published in 1944 and available to the public for one shilling and sixpence (7-1/2 pence in today's money!) this largely propaganda booklet is actually full of great information and photographs of the "mighty eighth" and their early achievements. 120 pages. Some loss to first page and wear to spine, edges, but otherwise complete and solid.


£15 / $20  / €17  email for more details

1944 Directory of AAF Stations and Activities NOW $25


Useful and extensive book which lists every AAF Station AND its activities as of April 1944 - tgis includes all bases in the US and overseas. Very valuable research information. I believe this is a more recent reprint but there is nothing that says so.  However it is priced accordingly.


£28 / $35  / €30  email for more details

Behind Enemy Lines: Evasion and Escape Aids of World War II by R.E. Baldwin, published by Elm Grove Publishing, 2015. Soft Cover 104 pages 8.5" x 11". The official catalog from the exhibit of the same name at the Frazier History Museum in Louisville, Kentucky, February to April 2013. Comprehensive list of evasion and escape equipment used in WWII by renowned authority and guest curator of the exhibit. A limited number of original copies available, signed by the author. Priced at $29.95 / £22.95 / €26.95

With Chennault in China: A Flying Tiger's Diary by Robert M. Smith, published by Schiffer, 1997.   NOW $10

First US edition. HB with DJ. 176 pages 6" x 9". The story of the American Volunteer Group from the perspective of the man who built and ran their vast and incredible radio cmmunications network. He knew everyone in the AVG and Chennault asked him to write this memoir. A fascinating book with profuse b/w photos previously unpublished. As new condition. Priced at  £9.50 / $12.50 / €11.50

German Pistols and Revolvers 1871-1945 by Ivan V. Hogg, published by Galahad Books, New York, 1971.  NOW $20

First US edition. HB with DJ and clear acetate cover. 160 pages 8.5" x 11.5" with profuse b/w illustrations and photos. Very good condition. Priced at $25 / £19 / €22

A History of Military Aviation in San Antonio by various authors and contributors, published 1996.  NOW $15

Comprehensive and informative history compiled  by local military historians. Soft cover 118 pages 8.5" x 11" with many b/w and colour photos. Very good condition with minor creases to cover and slight bumping to edges.

Priced at $20 / £15 / €18

Air Force Spoken Here: General Ira Eaker & the Command of the Air by James Parton, Adler & Adler, 1986. NOW $10 Second edition biography of the commander of the US 8th Air Force in WWII. HB with DJ and acetate protective cover. 558 pages, 6" x 9". with b/w photograohs throughout. Priced at  £9.50 / $12.50 / €11.50

Spitfire Ace: Flying the Battle of Britain by Martin Davidson and James Taylor NOW $10 Channel 4 Books, undated first edition of book to accompany the TV series in which the author retraces the footsteps of RAF Battle of Britain aces by learning to fly the Spitfire. B/w and colour photos including many previously unpublished historic images. HB with DJ. 254 pages, 8" x 10". Excellent condition although some of the pages appear to have been bound out of order (all are present). Priced at $15 / £9.50 / €12

Uniforms & Insignia of the Navies of World War II compiled by US Naval Intelligence with an introduction by Andrew Mollo. NOW $10 Naval Institute Press, 1991. Colour illulstrations reproduced from wartime publications of Joint Army and Navy Publications and National Geographic. HB with DJ and protective acetate cover. 112 pages, 10.5" x 8". Excellent condition. Priced at  £9.50 / $12.50 / €11.50

The Royal Air Force 1939-45 by Andrew Cormack and Ron Volstad, Osprey Men-At-Arms no. 225, 1990. NOW $10 Researched from the collections of Hendon, The Royal Air Force Museum. Soft cover, 48 pages. 7" x 10". Very good condition  with slight foxing to spine.

Priced at  £9.50 / $12.50 / €11.50

The Royal Navy 1790-1970 by Robert Wilkinson-Latham and Gerry Embleton, Osprey Men-At-Arms no. 65, 1977.

NOW $10 Soft cover, 48 pages. 7" x 10". Very good condition  with minor surface creasing to top corner of cover.

Priced at  £9.50 / $12.50 / €11.50

Tropical Headgear of the German Wehrmacht in WW II - Vol 2  by José Figueroa, Figueroa Creations, 1996 first edition. Soft cover, 144 pages. 6" x 9". Very good condition with minor bumps on edge of cover.

Priced at  £9.50 / $12.50 / €11.50

Lonely Eagles: The Story of America's Black Air Force in World War II by Robert A. Rose, DDS, published by Tuskegee Airmen, Inc - Los Angeles Chapter.  NOW $10 First published 1976, this edition fourth printing, May 1988. 160 pages with many b/w photographs. HB self-cover (no DJ), 6" x 9". Very good condition with minor bumps. 

Priced at  £9.50 / $12.50 / €11.50

The Quarterly Journal of Military History: Vol 1 No 1, Autumn 1988 various authors, published by Byron Hollinshead. NOW $10 HB self-cover with tip-in colour plate 8.5" x 11". 128 pages. Historic studies from submarines to the RAF, the Romans, Custer, Westmoreland, Spanish Armada, Potemkin and much more. High quality magazine format with hard cover (popular in the 1980s and 90s) and many colour and b/w photos and illustrations. Not sure how long this publication lasted - must have been expensive to produce! Very good condition with minor bumps. 

Priced at  £9.50 / $12.50 / €11.50

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Superb original WWI WRAF photograph


Excellent and large fornat original photograph showing three women of the WRAF in WWI. an outstanding example of the uniforms they wore c.1918-19.  Approx. 4" x 6" with slight creasing / cracking at bottom corners.


£28 / $35  / €30  email for more details