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RN Fleet Air Arm Pilot's Notes for TBM / TBF Avenger aircraft.

Pilot's Notes for the Avenger Mk I and II, US built torpedo bomber aircraft used extensively by the Fleet Air Arm as a replacement for the Swordfish and Albacore. This copy named to a Fleet Air Arm TAG who was also a qualified pilot. Shows some wear and use but is complete and intact, dated February 1944. Includes, as usual, fold out pages with multiple detailed photographs of cockpit layout.

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Air Ministry / RN Fleet Air Arm Pilot's Notes General.

From the same FAA TAG (later pilot) as the Avenger Pilot's Notes above, Air Ministry Pilot's Notes General dated April 1943. In very good condition, with a small split to cover at the top.  132 pages of general information for pilots, accompanied the Pilot's Notes for specific aircraft.

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"GET THAT FIGHTER" Training manual for Air Gunners, ​developed by the AAF and USN - this example issued to a RN FAA TAG.

Hard to find and much sought after training manual for Air Gunners. I have seen a couple of the AAF versions but never the US Navy version (basically the same with a different cover) - and this particular example was issued to a RN Fleet Air Arm TAG who trained with the USN in Pensacola and then became qualified as a pilot. February 1944 dated copy in great condition, with minor wear to cover/edge. 

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RAF Pilot's Notes for Spitfire Mk IIA and IIB (reprint)

Facsimile / reprint of The official Pilots Notes for the Spitfire IIA and IIB - which saw combat action during the Battle of Britain. Loose bound sheets as per the original, secured with a cord and plastic ends 9original would have had metal). An exact copy, great for the information it contains. Every Spitfire pilot would have been given one of these while he was learning to fly the type.


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RAF Pilot's Notes for Hurricane IIA, IIB, IIC, IID and IV (reprint)

Facsimile / reprint of The official Pilots Notes for the Hawker Hurricane IIA, B, C, D and IV. The early versions saw combat action during the Battle of Britain. Loose bound sheets as per the original, secured with a cord and plastic ends 9original would have had metal). An exact copy, great for the information it contains. Every Hurricane pilot would have been given one of these while he was learning to fly the type.


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RAF Pilot's Notes for Spitfire Mk 18 (early reprint)

An old facsimile / reprint of The official Pilots Notes for the Spitfire 18 - one of the more obscure and lesser known marks of this remarkable fighter aircraft. This most likely dates to the 1960s because it is printed on coated paper as originals were, and the blue card cover is well faded. The information on this rare type is valuable in of itself. Slight surface tear to front cover, nothing serious. 


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Corgi Gloster Meteor + V-1 Doodelbug.


Corgi Classic aircraft series, a limited edition release: Pristine condition Corgi 72-scale Gloster Meteor F3 jet fighter in wartime colours of  616 Squadron, together with the Fiesler  F103 "Doodlebug" flying bomb. Die Cast metal with wonderful detail. Mounted on original stands but please note there is NO BOX. Excellent condition and perfect for display.


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Booklet / Novello of the classic wartime RAF feature film "One of our aircraft is missing." 


32-pages plus cover, 9" x 7" booklet / novello of one of the great classic RAF war films "One of our aircraft is missing," made in 1941 about the crew of a Wellington shot down over Holland who endeavour to escape. A wonderful piece of wartime nostalgia / propaganda, based on the true story of Dutch resistance members who had been executed for helping RAF crews to escape.  Booklet contains the story and numerous photos from the film.

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2 x RAF wartime medical journals. 

Dated Aug-Sept 1943 and Aug-Sept 1945, these two magazines contain fascinating articles and photographs of the latest studies and developments in plastic surgery for burned aircrews, 

prosthetic eyes, effects of anaesthesia, oxygen use, jungle diseases and much more. The science behind the miracle workers who put airmen back together. 22-pages and 26-pages plus cover respectively. Used with a few nicks but complete and very readable. Rarely seen publications.

Price is for both.

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Practical Flying:  Complete Course of Flying Instructions by Flight Commander W.G. McMinnies, Royal Navy.

First US edition, published by George H. Doran Company in New York, 1918 - incredible book on essentially "teaching yourself to fly" based on the experiences of The RFC and RNAS in the Great War. Copiously illustrated throughout including a long panoramic pull out chart.  The original flying manual with a lot of useful and historic information. Rare edition in very good condition, solid binding 248-pages.

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Aeroplanes and Aero Engines by "Avion." 

The perfect companion to the above book on Practical Flying Instruction. Aeroplanes and Aero Engines: An introduction to the study of flight in simple language for the man in the street by "Avion" published by C. Arthr Pearson Ltd, London, 1918. First edition, second impression, October 1918. 158-pages illustrated throughout. A wonderful book for its time, when so little was known or understood about flying. Very good condition, some foxing, discolouration, but solid binding. Very readable.

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AAF Pilot's Information File (reprint).

The standard AAF Pilot's Information File (what the RAF referred to as "Pilot's Notes General) used throughout WWII and updated as necessary. This is the 1995 reprint of the January 1944 edition by Schiffer Military History. Great condition and excellent reference without having to stress your original copy every time you want to look something up!

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Rare 1942 RAF dropped propaganda leaflet "Le Courier de L'Air" no. 2 


Though The RAF dropped these by the thousand in the early days of the war, very few propaganda leaflets survive, and this original from 1942 is absolutely superb. A 4-page bulletin dropped on France tells the French people that  General Wavell is in charge and that the American army will soon be arriving in Europe! The back cover is devoted to assurance that the Russian winter will take care of the German army! It also publishes the frequencies at which French patriots can tune in and listen to BBC broadcasts on the radio! Excellent condition, no damage and minor soiling to front. At great risk, the RAF often flew missions where they dropped leaflets instead of bombs, or else dropped them on civilian targets on their way to or from a bombing mission. A rare piece of history.

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1936 dated Chinese 100 yuan banknote, signed by an Allied Officer. A very short "short Snorter" 


Extremely short "short snorter" comprising just one banknote, signed and gifted by an Allied officer who evidently served in China during WWII. Hard to read the message but it appears to be signed and dated 1942. It would be worth studying the signature and researching it further. Chinese banknotes of this era are quite scarce. 

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Japan "occupation" money (banknotes).

Nine banknotes altogether: 2 x 100, 1 x 50, 2 x 5,  and 4 x 10. Issued by the Japanese Government and marked "Issued pursuant to military proclamation." Unusual souvenir and great for display as part of a Hiroshima or Nagasaki post-atomic collection.

Price for all pieces.

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RAF official Aircraft Recognition manual AP1764. 

AP 1764 Aircraft recognition features aircraft of the  Luftwaffe, RAF and French Air Force, therefore dates from 1939 to early 1940 (this edition is also library stamped 1950 so perhaps issued to Air Cadets after the war). Over 40 card sheets with photos on one side and information on the back illustrating many types, fighters, bombers and transport, all held in by cords through 3 holes in a heavy, linen covered cardboard binder with a foldover and elastic strap (elasticity gone and secured with a pin). Photos are credited to famous aircraft photographer Chas E. Brown and The Aeroplabe magazine. Very nice and quite a scarce item.


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Three issues of the most interesting WWII AAF publication you've probably NEVER seen! 

IMPACT was published monthly by the Assistant Chief of Air Staff in Washington, DC for distribution to AAF Squadron intelligence officers to share as they saw fit. The majority of photographs and information contained were confidential and restricted. Though presented in magazine format, similar to LIFE, the articles are fascinating to read, and the photographs are stunning. Each is 8.5" x 11" in size and page count varies from 50 to 72, including some fold outs to show panoramic target photos. Contents include mostly photos of combat, target photos, photo recon photos of damage and aftermath images from bot the ETO, CBI and Pacific. Articles on specific aircraft and one fantastic section on the prototype P-80 jet. Show some wear, and holes have been punched for storing in a  binder. Extremely rare!

Price for all 3.

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Battle of Britain. First edition of the official booklet published by H.M. Stationery Office shortly after the Battle was over.

This booklet was published many times throughout, and after, the war - but in its very first version it was rather dry and austere, lacking any of the illustrations or diagrams found later editions. 32-pages sharing a modest yet vivid account of the Battle of Britain with the British people for the first time. Itself a piece of history. I own several editions but this first edition is perhaps the most significant, published in April 1941, at a time when things were not looking too good for the British people and they needed to be reminded of the glorious victory that had taken pace just a few months earlier. Excellent condition.

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Air Ministry Air Publication AP1928: Notes on the German Air Force dated April 1943. 

AP Notes, as they are commonly called, are highly collectible in their own right. This is a particularly interesting booklet because it contains  essentially all the knowledge (restricted but not classified) about the German Air Force (noticeably never referred to as the "Luftwaffe") simplified so that members of the RAF could have a better understanding of their opposite numbers. It includes everything fro the history, organization and rank system to equivalent pay scale (just in case anyone thought that their Luftwaffe counterparts received better pay!). 80 pages plus a pull-out colour section of rank and trade badges.

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US Army / Navy V-Mail letter, blank, unused.

Blank, unused V-Mail letter. Great  item for any AAF display. Slightly creased but no tears and complete with all instructions (instructions take up half the space!).

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US Navy Aviation Circular Letter 35-43 regarding ferrying of naval aircraft.


18-page letter containing full and detailed instructions for the ferrying of naval aircraft. A very interesting document, which includes a one-page amendment letter attached at the back. Of added interest is the fact that both the letter and the amendment are signed by Admiral J.S. McCain, Deputy Chief of Air Operations and of course the father of the later Senator John McCain.

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Luftwaffe Messerschmidt Bf 109 G-8 aircraft handbook.

The companion to the above: a very old reprint of the original "Pilot's Notes" for the Me Bf 109 G-8 which was fitted with a 20mm canon firing though the nose cone of the propellor. A separate insert sheet includes a diagram of the gun, the MG151/20B. Though just 12 pages (plus the 2-sided insert) it has comprehensive information on the aircraft. First issued in November1943 and reprinted June 1944, though I believe this reprint was probably made in the 1960s.


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RARE and important official report of the Committee of Alleged German Outrages, 1915.

Published in 1915 (the war had only been going for a year) this 60-page booklet documents a series of atrocities committed by German troops against civilians as well as enemy soldiers, town by town. This is a series of first-hand eyewitness accounts of what amounts to serious accusations of war crimes and, though written in a most dignified manner (as the British do best) it doesn't pull any punches. Of note is the fact that the committee was appointed on 15th December 1914, less than four months after the war began, suggesting that the British Government was aware of these outrages very early on. A very good read and well worth a place on the shelf of anyone interested in the early history of the Great War.

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Complete and original "Erection and maintenance manual for the  P-38 Lightning models H, J and F." 


Simply gargantuan and amazing, especially for any true fan of the Lockheed P-38 Lightning. Dated April 15, 1944 and published by the AAF commanding general, this 758 page leatherette bound book,  12 x 9 inches, and illustrated throughout, tells you everything you would need to know to build a P-38 Lightning as well as maintain it in flying condition. An invaluable tool for anyone who owns one, but as a historical document simply unequal in its depth and detail, with many folding out pages, diagrams of every system and complete list of parts. Over 2-inches thick! Excellent condition, with oxidation to the gilt titling on the cover but no other wear or damage.

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South African Air Force magazine from Queenstown SA, "The Signal" x 3 issues.


Interesting and well produced magazine from Queenstown SAAF base. 3 copies dated December 1942, February and August 1943 with station news, sports, humour, photographs, cartoons and a lot of great sarcasm! Also wonderful period advertising. First two are 48-pages plus cover, last one is 40 pages. Very good condition, some slight wear to covers. Great read for insight into SAAF life at the time.

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Daily Express War Map showing all fronts.

Printed and published 1942.


An interesting very large format full colour map showing the state of affairs in WWII in 1942. Presented with the Daily Express (proclaiming itself to be "The World

s Greatest Newspaper"). Has been folded but retains nice bright colours and very good condition, with a few crosses and slightly grubby outside from storage but no damage.


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1944 Directory of AAF Stations and Activities


Useful and extensive book which lists every AAF Station AND its activities as of April 1944 - tgis includes all bases in the US and overseas. Very valuable research information. I believe this is a more recent reprint but there is nothing that says so.  However it is priced accordingly.


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Official Air Ministry manual / dossier for Avro Lancaster B Mk III ME545 and the Round the World Flight of 1946.


The official, original Air Ministry manual prepared for and used on a historic round the world flight, departing from RAF Watton on October 21st, 1946  and returning on December 17th. Her mission, as an equipment test bed with the Radio Warfare Establishment & Central Signal Establishment at RAF Upwood and RAF Watton was to service test radio communications, navigation, radar and radio direction finding equipment, British and American, in place at RAF stations throughout the world. This dossier includes lists of all equipment being tested (much of which was secret and classified at the time), route maps of the flight, technical data on ground receiving stations and RAF stations en route, frequencies used, reports and detailed results. The minutes of all meetings, both prior to, during and after the flight are included. Historical notes include problems to be anticipated en route in certain areas (India, Suez etc), which were still under British rule at the time. A fascinating and historic document containing information that contributed greatly to the future defence of Great Britain and the Commonwealth.

Approx. 100 pages including fold-out maps, checklists etc.

Prior to the Round the World flight, ME545 served operationally in WWII with 186 Sqn, 218 Sqn (code XH-L nose art “Lovely Lou”), 22 MU, 15 MU and 38 MU before being transferred to the Radio Warfare Establishment & Central Signal Establishment at RAF Upwood (as WB-E) and RAF Watton (as V7-E).

The aircraft was scrapped, 25 April 1950. Some copy photos are included.


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Complete set of five WWII factory manuals PLUS General Service Notes for the Consolidated PB4Y-2 Privateer maritime bomber / reconnaissance aircraft (sometimes referred to as the US Navy version of the B-24)


Set of five official factory published hardback manuals for the often underrated Consolidated PB4Y-2 aircraft, together with the softcover General Service Notes.


Flight Manual. 92 Pages, dated 1945

Airplane General and Armament. 212 (Airplane gneral) + 42 (Armament) pages. dated 1944

Power Plant. 206 pages. dated 1944

Hydraulics. 198 pages. dated 1945

Electricity. 148 pages. dated 1944

General Service Notes. (softcover) 326 pages. dated 1945


Overall condiiton is very good, with a little wear and bumping to the outsides, the gold leaf titling has tarnished with age but the bindings are solid. Softcover shows some wear, rubbing to outside.


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Incredible Arado AR95 aircraft sales and marketing brochure with acetate overlays dated August, 1938.

One of the most impressive paper items I have ever owned, this has been in my collection for several years, largely because, as a graphic designer I am fascinated by the print production of this amazing piece. Measuring 30 cm x 21 cm (12" x 8.5") it includes a series of 6 acetate sheets, each printed with alternate versions of armament and other configurations in multiple colours, which overlay on top of each other to show the various options available. Even by today's standards, this is a magnificent piece of graphic design, well executed and very high quality. It is printed in both German and English, showing that as late as 1938, German business was very much geared up to trading with Britain and the USA.  It also includes onion skin endpapers, a fold out flap with aircraft profile and a typewritten sheet of customized specs at the back. The whole brochure is 36 pages and retains its original bright colours. The acetate cover has some minor loss at the spine and one taped repair to the back - but these do not deatrcat from a rare and fantastic piece of history. The Arado AR95 was a very versatile single engined reconnaissance biplane  which was used by both the Luftwaffe and the Kriegsmarine as well as other air forces.


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COPY of the RAF list for February, 1939.

One of the most useful reference tools at any collector's disposal is the series of RAF Lists. Published monthly, each volume contains a complete list of all officers (only officers and warrant officers, no NCOs or other ranks) currently serving, with details such as their promotions, rank, service number and branch. The list also contains all divisions of the service into its various commands. Note: offered is a PHOTOCOPY of an original list for February 1939, which makes interesting reading - a virtual "who's who" of RAF fighter pilots, bomber pilots and officer aircrews at the beginning of the war. I subsequently obtained an original copy of this book so the photocopy is available if anyone is interested. Comb binding with blue soft card covers. This has served me well for many years!

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US army first issue Kevlar ballistic helmet instruction manual.


24-page instruction booklet as issued with the first pattern ballistic helmet - the one that replaced the M-1 in the 1980s. 


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Superb original WWI WRAF photograph


Excellent and large fornat original photograph showing three women of the WRAF in WWI. an outstanding example of the uniforms they wore c.1918-19.  Approx. 4" x 6" with slight creasing / cracking at bottom corners.


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