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RAF target bombing map Sartrouville aircraft factory.


Rare example of a Bomber Command bombaimer's target chart printed on thin paper with typewritten details added. This is a printed section of a navigator's aeronautical chart with concentric circles overprinted  for the bombaimer to track the target. This is for precision bombing, because the target is an aircraft and hydroplane assembly factory situated very close to the main city of Paris. Excellent condition. First of these types I have come across. 13.5" x 8.75" (34cm x 22cm).


AAF A-2 flying jacket painted with artwork of B-17G bomber of the 729th Bomb Squadron, 452nd Bomb Group "The Rigor Mortis Express"

A true combat veteran. While some jackets were painted after the event and before returning home, others were painted and then worn on missions. This is one of those! It was then brought home by the veteran who had a new lining and zip put in and continued wearing it proudly for many years. Consequently, much of the paint is worn thin - especially the lettering (though it is still visible) but the B-17 art and the 25 bombs representing his missions are clear. There is a leather name tag to the right chest which has largely worn away and evidence there was both a name tag and a patch to the left chest in the past. There is a tear on one sleeve near the shoulder and wear to the collar, as you might expect, but the jacket will display nicely as a genuine combat worn example. Included is the known history of the jacket (it was purchased directly from the daughter of the original owner, a sergeant gunner on this aircraft) by a collector, many years ago, and has never been offered on the market before. Identified by the markings painted on the aircraft. A very rare find these days.


RARE AAF Type A-10A summer flying helmet complete with HS-38 headset.


The A-10 and A-10A summer flying helmets were introduced in 1943, just as the joint chiefs were agreeing on inter-service compatibility of equipment, therefore production was stopped and the pattern altered slightly with a new designation of AN-H-15. Examples of the A-10A are missing from many collections. It differed from the AN-H-15 in having cotton goggle strap tabs and a different chin strap arrangement. This is example is service used but overall very good condition with no damage or wear. Fitted with correct ANB-H-1 receivers, long cord and plug.


RAF small size (2") heliograph for Mae West in unissued, unopened condition.


Small size (2") heliograph/signalling mirror as carried by each aircrew member in the pocket of their life vest. This example has never been issued or used - nor even opened! Still tied with a small reef knot as when first issued, so I have not disturbed it. White cotton case is perfect, with no staining, so there is no evidence of oxidation to the metal parts inside. Never seen one in such great condition.


RAF Suits Aircrew blouse, dated 1943 and ID'd to navigator with leather name tag.


A few RAF squadrons copied the US practice of adding leather name tags to their BD (suits, aircrew) blouses and this is a lovely example of an original, well used combat veteran. The blouse has lots of wear, though no damage (very neat and careful repairs to both elbows) and  is named to R.A. Woodhouse. A cursory check shows Raymond A. Woodhouse flew with 420, 424, 432 and 433 squadrons but further research would be helpful. A loose WWII period navigator brevet was found inside the pocket of the blouse which the previous owner opted not to sew on, of course it could be added if desired. RAF blouses with the leather name tags are rarely encountered.


RAF Guide Plates for attaching Mk IV series goggles to flying helmets.


Set of matching (left and right) black painted brass guide plates for securing the Mk IV series goggles to either the Type B or Type C flying helmet. Unused, with some minor scratches and paint loss but excellent condition.


RAF emergency survival aid for the Beadon Suit: waterproof screwtop aluminium tin for holding 7 cigarettes.


Back in the days when cigarettes were considered essential to survival! This small aluminium tin held 7 cigarettes which could be smoked by the owner or perhaps bartered for assistance. Green tin marked with RAF stores ref. number. Excellent condition. No cigarettes present.


RARE US  Flightline crewman's ID jacket, Type G-1 c.1960.


Flightline crewman's identifying jacket dates to late 1950s and early 1960s - extremely rare and much sought after jacket is yellow/black diamond checked satin. Used in the early part of the Vietnam war. Bright colours with number 11 inked on back, full length WWII style Talon zip fastener. Couple of tiny punctures otherwise excellent condition, size medium. 


Very nice RAF Suits, Aircrew blouse in a good large size with 1943 dated label.

When first issued, these RAF "battledress" suits were exclusively for aircrews (hence the name) and only to be worn while on operations - they were in effect a flying suit.  Later the battledress was simplified and made available to all branches of the RAF for everyday wear and renamed "War Service Dress." Good examples of these early "Suits, Aircrew" are quite difficult to find, especially in larger sizes. This example shows light to moderate use, with some wear to the inside, and 2 or 3 very tiny holes, but no damage (one fastening hook at the neck appears to have pulled through, but seems to be present). All buttons and good buckle in place. Rank lace of F/O and a correct period flat silk pilot wing which is probably Canadian made (many pilots completed their training in Canada and were awarded their wings there).  Size 11 which is a decent size, keeping in mind these were intended to be worn over a shirt, sweater, underwear and other layers - and were sized accordingly.


Fabulous 1930s named Army Air Corps uniform tunic with brief history. 


Classic mid-1930s style US Air Corps service dress tunic with excellent bullion pilot wing and 33rd Infantry Division shoulder patch, plus bullion lieutenant's rank bars and collar devices. tailor's label to Frank Bros. of San Antonio. Typically for the period, there is no name tag, but inked inside the sleeve are the initials "R.R.B" - this was often how tailors identified uniforms. Uniform is attributed to R.R. "Bur" Burly, who served with the 108th Observation Squadron, c.1937 attached to the 33rd Infantry Division, Illinois National Guard. Called up in 1941 he served in the Canal Zone with the 6th Air Force. The 108th was assigned to the 72nd Observation group and was the first National Guard unit mobilized overseas in WWII. Jacket is in excellent condition. One top pocket button detached but inside pocket. Needs more research.


RAAF Type B Flying Helmet dated 1942.


It's quite unusual to find a used example of the Australian made version of the Type B helmet, but this one shows just enough wear to say it was there. Nice soft leather with some variation in colour between panels and a good chamois lining, the characteristic "pointed" crown appearance and complete with brow strap and two rear straps and buckles for the goggles. A decent size (probably the equivalent of a RAF size 3 or at least a generous 2). Still retains its face defenders for attaching to the Type D mask. A few spatters of what could be paint to the outside but does not detract, and a great label inside. Fitted to RCAF cushions to help keep the shape of the zip ears. Zips work perfectly. Overall an very good example.


RAAF Mk IIIa Flying Goggles.


Perfect for displaying with the RAAF Type B helmet! Excellent set of Mk IIIa Flying Goggles - identical to the British made Air Ministry marked type, but marked RAAF with crown and Ident. numbers on strap. Blackened brass frames,  clear celluloid lenses, leather and fabric strap with steel springs for tension. One spring is at fault on the left hand side and has penetrated the fabric, but this does not stop the strap functioning nor detract from their appearance. Lenses are slightly loose from shrinkage. The condition of the velvet pads and leather nose guard suggests these were unissued. 


RARE and complete set of Mk VII Flying Goggles with polarizing sun shield.


Extremely rare to find complete these days! Excellent pair of Mk VII flying goggles showing light use but only minor dings and retaining 99% of their original paint, complete with flip-up polarizing sun screen. Nice clear lenses with no signs of delamination, elastic webbing strap has lost much of its elasticity, but is not badly stretched out. Leather and chamois is soft and clean and shows only light use.


RCAF/RAF 1932 Pattern Life Vest "Mae West" in  yellow.


Excellent example of the Canadian made version of this highly desirable life vest. With the green, Air Ministry marked version selling for in the region of $10k these days - if you can even find one - these Canadian made examples make an excellent substitute for a great Battle of Britain display. Since most RAF fighter pilots painted their green Mae Wests with yellow paint for better visibility, these yellow ones are great for display. Nice clear stenciled markings to front and good label with both RAF and RCAF stores ref. information. Early securing ring for dinghy attached to right hand side. Leg tapes have been added, then sewn up and out of the way (but could be cut loose for use if desired).  Marked "Violet-Ray" to front and has a number stenciled to rear. No stole or pads included.


Superb pair of RAAF Beddgood 1936  Pattern Flying Boots in brown leather.


Without doubt the nicest pair of these Australian made 1936 pattern Flying Boots I have ever come across. Highly desirable and popular with the US Army Air Forces serving in the Far East as well as Aussies, this pair is in impeccable condition, with very little wear, no loss to the fleece lining and crisp clear markings including the official broad arrow acceptance stamp of the RAAF. Maker marked Beddgood, Melbourne, they are a small size 5 (6 US) making them ideal for display and not for wearing. These are quite a scarce item and it would be difficult to find a nicer pair.


Scarce South African Air Force Air Gunner's half wing/brevet.


Late war SAAF version of the Air Gunner's brevet patterned after the RAF badge, but with the letters AG picked out in red thread. A scarce badge.


AAF A-9 leather gauntlets for Air Gunners .

Lovely pair of A-9 gauntlets with separate trigger finger as worn by air gunners i B-17, B-24 etc. to combat the cold weather.  High quality leather mittens with thick shearling fleece lining, showing some use but no abuse or damage.  Very good condition. These gloves have no spec. labels, just a small tag indicating size Medium and maker of Hansen. It's possble these were sold commercially or that the issue spec. tags were either removed or became detached, but there is no sign of them ever having been fitted. The gloves do however correspond to the issue pattern in every way and are of exceptionally good quality.


Early RAF Type B flying helmet by Bednalls dated 1938.

Lovely example of the RAF Type B flying helmet by one of the more scarce manufacturers, Bednalls of Walsall, and dated 1938. Leather is in wonderful condition, supple and soft, though lining is grubby from old hair cream it is also in good shape. Lovely "diamond" shaped label inside crown indicating size 2 (though it honestly appears more like a size 3). The leather covering has come off the front Bennet buckle as is quite common. Each of the zipped earcups has a small hole punched in it towards the front - I have seen this done on several Type B helmets and believe it was to thread the wiring loom to allow a better fit for the mask. Telephone holders are both present inside and zips work perfectly. All in all a very good and very early example of this iconic Battle of Britain flying helmet which displays superbly.


RAF 1936 pattern flying boots with attribution to a Battle of Britain Blenheim pilot.  


A fabulous pair of 36 pattern boots with Battle of Britain attribution.  They are marked on the internal puller of the left boot to "Sgt. Price 236 Squadron". Sgt. Norman Albert Joseph Price of 236 squadron is listed in Kenneth G. Wynn's excellent reference  "Men of the Battle of Britain". He flew Blenheims during the Battle of Britain and is recognized as one of “The Few.” He later converted to Beaufighters and flew with 272 squadron. He was shot down in 1941, badly wounded and became one of McIndoe’s Guinea Pigs. These boots are a size 9  with great AM tabs dated 1939 and marked size 9, fitting 6. The leather is very good, fleece lining also very good, no damage or moulting. They show use but no abuse and make a superb addition to a Battle of Britain collection.



AAF Type A-10 Standard oxygen mask complete with "Juliet" strap.


Becoming increasingly difficult to find, the A-10 Standard oxygen mask (together with the A-9) was the oxygen mask with which the USAAF entered WWII. This example is dated 4-42. Made by Acushnet, the mask is in excellent condition, the rubber soft and supple with just 3 very tiny edge cracks, no more then 1-2mm along the upper edge. Otherwise the rubber is perfect. Included is the rare "Juliet" head harness which allows the mask to worn over a helmet without the clips or without a helmet at all. Hard to beat in this condition.


WWI US Naval Aviator's visor cap and tunic.

WWI USN aviator’s uniform hat and  tunic. Inside the hat was a period photograph of the owner wearing it, together with an earlier iteration of the tunic (when he was just a second lieut. and before he obtained his wings). His details are written on the back of the photo. Very good condition with no damage, good patina to bullion cap badge, chin strap, shoulder boards and wings.


RAF other ranks field service cap (sidecap) dated 1942.

Excellent example of a RAF other ranks FS cap with correct buttons and badge, plus a great label dated 1942. No damage or wear, slight staining inside and fairly big size (7-1/4).


RARE WWII RNZAF white metal flight qualification badges.


Introduced c.1944, these white metal insignia were unique to the Royal New Zealand Air Force and are considered both rare and highly desirable among collectors. Intended for wear on the KD and bush shirts for easy removal. All original and in great condition. All with lug fastening, all except pilot have backing plate.

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RARE WWII RAF War Savings Campaign Plaque for 1943.


Beautiful display accessory for any RAF collection! Large and quite heavy plaque moulded in ivory coloured plastic (De La Rue plastic, which was a type of bakelite)  and measuring 23" x 14" (59cm x 36cm) featuring a 3-dimensional relief in classical style of St. Michael defeating a three-headed serpent. Actually it's a beautiful item, which at first glance appears to be carved in ivory. These were presented by the Air Ministry to towns or municipalities which raised in excess of £400,000 for the "Wings for Victory" campaign (enough to cover the cost of equipping a squadron with several aircraft).  The material is brittle and few of these have survived intact - this example is in excellent condition with no damage. Fitted with picture wire to the reverse for hanging. The Air Ministry version of this is considered more rare and desirable than the army plaque.


RAF Type G oxygen mask.

A decent, but definitely not perfect, entry level example of a Type G oxygen mask. The grey/green rubber is still pliable and the nosewire is present and has not pulled out of its moulded lugs. Strap still has some stretch. The edge has folded in and the rubber partially perished in 3 places,  mostly the lower right hand side and bottom edge. Each area is about 2-3cm but extends only 3-4 mm into the mask. The perished areas are not sticky, nor brittle and crumbly, and if displayed with a helmet on a styrofoam head, would not even show. Evidently this must have happened at some time in the past and the rubber has now stabilized in its present condition and displays just fine, but the mask is priced accordingly. Fitted with a Type 48 microphone (short lead) and a gauze shield. 


WWII RCAF Cold Weather Cap for other ranks with badge.

RAF blue serge "Elmer Fudd" type cap as worn by RCAF other ranks in extremely cold climates. EXcellent unissued condition, well marked inside and complete with brass cap badge.

Side flaps tie on top of head or can be pulled down and tied under chin.


RAF navigator's chart marking pencils, set of 4.


Set of 4 pencils for chart-marking and  plotting the aircraft course to target and home again. One each blue, black, red wax type (chinagraph) and a soft pencil. These are faintly marked and include the  S-crown-O  for HM Stationery Office which procured and supplied such equipment. All used but very good condition and perfectly usable. This is the second and last set of these I have available


AAF A-10 Modified oxygen mask dated 4-43.

Very good example of the A-10 Modified oxygen mask, one of the rarer early types used by the AAF when they first entered WWII. The original A-10 mask had a full head harness, including a rubber strap built into the nose of the mask. This was fond to be cumbersome, and the mask was factory modified by removing the the nose extension and fitting a simpler strap system that attached to the sides of the flying helmet. In due course, the new version was remoulded and produced as the A-10R (Revised) but as an interim, these modified masks were issued as the A-10M (Modified). There is clear evidence that this mask has had its nose extension removed, making it one of those early, and nowadays quite rare, examples. Rubber is in great shape overall, with minor surface crazing at the top (does not affect pliability) and the hose is slightly crushed from storage near the junction with the mask body - but again, this does not affect the strength of the mask in any way. Nose wire firmly in place.



RAF Type M2 Oxygen Mask - complete in box of issue, factory packed. Unissued, unused and never removed from box.

The Type M and M2 oxygen masks were the precursors of the Type P "fastjet" oxygen delivery system, in service for a very short time and produced in very small numbers. This example is impossible to upgrade, being in absolutely perfect condition; the rubber is as soft and supple as the day it was made. Opened only for inspection and still with all its original padding and packing materials, and contained in its heavy cardboard transit box dated December 1961. The best possible example of an early jet age fighter pilot's mask.


RAF Sea Boot Socks - Dark blue. 


As with the "Frock white", the sea boot socks were eventually changed from white (or off white) to navy blue. This is a superb example of the later issue navy blue sea boot socks. Dark blue wool in unissued, unworn condition, still with clear broad arrow ink stamps on both feet and retaining their cotton labels to the top. Worn inside the flying boots, usually with another pair of socks for added warmth. Why the Air Ministryt switched from white to blue isn't clear (since dying the "natural" wool required an additional step, but perhaps it had to do with visibility at night if an airman was shot down and trying to evade capture. Less common than the white socks.


WW2 RAF Aircraft Inspection Lamp Mk II. 


These don;t turn up very often, but they make great accessories for a Bomber Command display. Used by crews in the "heavies" when night flying to check for damage or trying to find their way around. The cord is on a reel which is wound inside the body of the lamp using the compact handle that doubles as a hanging hook. Beautiful Air Ministry markings and stores ref. no, 5c/369 denoting aircraft use. Blue grey painted copper construction with two-pin plug and nice AM marked lightbulb. Minor fraying on cord otherwise excellent condition.


WWII RAF officer's side cap, high quality custom made. 


Very nicely tailored RAF officer's side cap with correct brass buttons and blackened brass or bronzed eagle/crown badge. Badge actually looks more like an Australian type. Very high quality. Blue velvet sweatband, satin lining. No tags or maker's mars I can see. Excellent condiion.


RN Fleet Air Arm Pilot's Notes for TBM / TBF Avenger aircraft.

Pilot's Notes for the Avenger Mk I and II, US built torpedo bomber aircraft used extensively by the Fleet Air Arm as a replacement for the Swordfish and Albacore. This copy named to a Fleet Air Arm TAG who was also a qualified pilot. Shows some wear and use but is complete and intact, dated February 1944. Includes, as usual, fold out pages with multiple detailed photographs of cockpit layout.


Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm Type C flying helmet, internally wired type (no wiring) for possible restoration.


This is the first internally wired type, which would have had fully enclosed wiring, and illustrates perfectly why the design was quickly changed to the "half" exposed wiring (and extra snap down tabs) to facilitate access by electronics fitters. Helmet is a good size (probably a size 3 large) and the leather is in good shape, soft and supple, with a slightly grubby but overall good chamois lining. Zips work perfectly and telephone receiver holders with built in Gosport inlets are fitted. However, the wring loom was removed (and possibly replaced) by cutting the leather across the back of the helmet, from the opening at the nape of the neck to the left hand side where the connector was fitted. No leather is missing, and  it has been carefully and quite neatly sewn back together - though some  of the stitches have since been removed again to take the wiring out. The helmet displays nicely as is, and I have no doubt it could be restored with care and patience, especially with some of the leather filling products available on the market today. Helmet is named inside to R. Woodfine. An opportunity to purchase one of these lovely FAA helmets at a considerably reduced price.


Set of two RAF log books and photo album  from a Flight Observer / Air Gunner / Photographer who served from 1931 through to the end of WWII on Sunderlands, Wellingtons and Stirlings. Great historical content.


Two log books and a photo album containing a wealth of British Colonial history and the early days of the RAF as well as excellent photographs. LAC R.F. Jones started his RAF career as an Air Gunner, Navigator and Photographer with 10 squadron, flying in such aircraft as the Hyderabad, Fairey IIIF, Shorts Singapore, Vickers Vincent and Westland Wallace, entered WWII flying on Catalinas and Sunderlands on convoy support and Air Sea Rescue. He ended the war on Wellingtons and Stirlings. A fantastic career included flying with Sir Charles Portal (who was then a mere Air Commodore) and being lead navigator for many formation flying displays (which he diagrammed in his log books). On September 7th, 1936, while with 8 squadron, his aircraft was directed to rescue Mr. Roy Chapman Andrews, famous American paleantologist and explorer for the Museum of Natural History in New York, from one of his many scrapes. (Chapman Andrews was the basis for George Lucas' Indiana Jones character). A fascinating set of log books. The books were at one time glued together (back cover to front cover) but have been separated with minor loss to the surface (nothing serious). Photo album is in very good condition. As an accomplished aerial photographer, Jones' photo album is full of professional quality images, 81 total, most are 6" x 3.5" or 8" x 6.5" with some smaller. Many aerials of the area, including Aden, Alexandria, Aboukir, Canopus and Cairo and lots of rare aircraft, as well as service life in the Middle East (including sailing).


WWII US Navy life vest light.


These early, all metal body life vest lights don't turn up as often the later, plastic version. This example is in very good condition with minor paint loss and yellowing to the clear plastic dome. Pin is still affixed to the side and bulb is still present. Nice clear USN to base and BMG maker mark. 

Getting harder to find.


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Superb original WWI WRAF photograph


Excellent and large fornat original photograph showing three women of the WRAF in WWI. an outstanding example of the uniforms they wore c.1918-19.  Approx. 4" x 6" with slight creasing / cracking at bottom corners.


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