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Superb original WWI WRAF photograph


Excellent and large fornat original photograph showing three women of the WRAF in WWI. an outstanding example of the uniforms they wore c.1918-19.  Approx. 4" x 6" with slight creasing / cracking at bottom corners.


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EXTREMELY RARE WWI Canadian made RFC "Fug" flying boots.


This is the first pair of Canadian made "Fug" boots I have ever come across. Similar to the later British made style (after being cut down), the boots are over the knee suede with a sturdy leather shoe section, fur or sheepskin lined inside from the knee down with a soft leather lining at the knee. Each boot has a label which reads "Maker, Beal Bros. Ltd, Toronto, Canada" with the addition of a Canadian War Dept. broad arrow ink stamp. The soft leather lining in the knee area is flaking in a couple of places, but does not detract. Otherwise, apart from some light scuffing to the shoe area (which will polish up I'm sure) these boots are in exceptional condition. Used by the RFC and the RCFC


Italian flying goggles by Fosraio of Milan.

Beautiful pair of flying goggles by Fosraio, Milano, featuring split angled laminated glass lenses reminiscent of the RAF types in blackened brass frames. Leather and chamois padded cushion and strap of gathered silk or rayon over elastic. Maker marked on buckles to both sides. Lovely pair of goggles showing use and light wear but no damage and strap still has elasticity.



AAF Type A-10A oxygen mask in unissued condition with original box showing water staining.

The last version of the highly successful series of A-10 oxygen masks, made by Acushnet, produced with the nose wire internally built in and from green rubber. Mask is in excellent condition, rubber clean and fully pliable. Webbing straps have  rust marks from metal fittings - evidently being wet while in storage. Box dated 12/43 which is an early production run and the rubber is slightly more grey than the dark green seen on later examples. Mask is excellent, box is fair to good. Intact but showing signs of water damage.


RAAF  (Australian made) 1933 pattern flying gauntlets.

Identical to the British made 1933 oattern gauntlets, though I suspect made from kangaroo hide. Lovely gauntlets, very high quality, and, like the British made version, not quite a perfect matched pair. Both have nice printed labels from different manufacturers; one is marked size 8 and the other 8-3/4 with 42 and 43 dates respectively, yet both seem to be the same or very close in size and though not a perfect pair are a very close colour match. Some verdigris on zips but otherwise excellent condition and appear  unissued.


Very scarce Luftwaffe model LKpW100 flying helmet, with throat microphones, long cord and plug.

Rare and sought after flying helmet issued from 1937 to Luftwaffe pilots and crews and synonymous with the Battle of Britain. Leather with a sheepskin lining, enameled metal earphone housings and separate leads for the throat microphones and receivers. Leather is in excellent condition. Lining shows its age - a few bald spots  and some drying out that has caused a couple of small splits - but it is 100% there and does not detract. Both labels intact. Throat microphones buckle around the neck. Small area on right hand receiver housing where the brown enamel coating has chipped off. Long cord is intact with correct 4 pin plug. All hooks and loops for oxygen mask present. Displays very well indeed. A very scarce helmet in a good size.


Early WWII French Gueneau hard shell flying helmet.

Rare and sought after flying helmet used by French Air Force pilots prior to the fall of France, and by those who escaped and continued to fly with the Free French and RAF after May 1940. Excellent example showing use but no abuse, and rarer version fitted with snap fasteners for attaching an oxygen mask. Great maker's label with hand inked details. Leather pockets each side for installing radio telephone receivers, leather chin straps and lace up back for adjusting to the perfect fit. Minor rubbing and scuffing with size 58 inked to front as well as inked inside.


Superb Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm officer pilot's working dress blouse and cap.

One of the nicest examples of the RNVR(A) FAA pilot's working dress blouse and cap I have ever seen. The blouse shows light wear,  has soft epaulettes sewn down with "wavy navy" rank lace to a sub-lieutenant, plus lovely bullion pilot wings and is dated 1944. The cap also shows only light wear and has the jaunty "crushed" look. Small size 6-3/4 typical of a fighter pilot.  An excellent display. One small moth nip in collar. A lovely set which came together and should stay together - makes a great display.