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RARE RAF Type H electrically heated gauntlets.


One of the most difficult pairs of RAF flying gloves to source, the Type H electrically heated gloves feature a built in heated liner, similar to the Type D black rayon types but securely attached to the outer. This set is in wonderful condition, almost unissued, the chestnut leather is butter soft and clean, the liners spotless with crisp clear labels - and a perfectly matched pair! Though one label indicates "Medium" and the other "Large" they are both identical and perhaps one is mismarked. Stud fasteners retain their covering. A superb and rare pair of WWII flying gloves.


RAF / RAAF 1933 pattern  gauntlets.


Superb pair of 1933 pattern flying gauntlets, made from heavy but soft leather, the gauntlet part lined with black leather. Lightning zips work smoothly. The only marking is a tape sewn into the inner seam with the size 8-1/2. These are either a very early example of RAF issue, or (in my opinion) Australian made for the RAAF. Super high quality, perfectly matching and showing only light use / storage. 


RAF Sherry glasses from the officers' mess.


A matching set of four sherry glasses from an RAF officer's mess, dating from c.1930 to WWII. Excellent condition with no cracks or chips and etched RAF crest. Would prefer to sell as a set, since all are matched, but if no interest will split and sell individually.

All 4: $150 / £120 / €130

Each: $45 / £35 / €40



RAF egg cup from the officers' mess.


Eggs were a very rare commodity back in WWII and reserved only for those flying on ops. (everyone else had to make do with powdered eggs). Imagine arriving back at dawn after a long night raid and being able to enjoy a soft boiled egg - it was quite a luxury. This egg cup is exquisite: bone china made by Aynsley, with a blue glaze, gold leaf trim and RAF crest lithographed in blue. No cracks, chips or damage - perfect condition.



WWII RCAF officer's ID tag (dog tags).


Standard pressed board dog tags from  RCAF officer R. L. Johnston, serial number J43637. Needs research. Mounted on a US style chain.


WWII RAF epaulette ranks slides for Squadron Leader.


Matched pair of slip-on rank slides for a Squadron Leader, for wear on the RAF battledress (Suits Aircrew or War Service Dress blouse) and KD or Tropical Bush Shirt. 2 medium and one thin lace sewn to blue barathea backing. Excellent condition.


Leather case for issue AAF sunglasses Type 1, AN6531-1


Hard to find leather case with original paper label for the AN6531-1 "Glasses, Flying, Sun Type 1" issued to AAF pilots and aircrew from around 1943 onwards. Usually the label is gone. This label has a small piece torn out of the top corner but al nomenclature printing is intact. Felt lined leather case is in excellent, used condition.


RAF box for 10 cap badges for other airmen (enlisted).


Come across a few original wartime empty boxes which make great display items alongside the kit with which they came. Next up is  a box for 10 brass cap badges as worn on the side cap and peaked cap (drivers and RAF police). Excellent condition, two-piece box with lid and still retaining original paper labels with all nomenclature.


RAF box for Oxygen Tube Adaptor.


Come across a few original wartime empty boxes which make great display items alongside the kit with which they came. Next up is  a box for the Oxygen Tube Adaptor. This is the 24" length of narrow tube (similar to a D mask) for connecting the bayonet connector on a Type E, E* or G mask to a constant flow outlet port. 2-poiece box with corrugated card inner wrapping and all labels intact. 


Fabulous RAF Type B flying helmet dated 1939 and in a RARE Size 4 (largest size made).


This is a wonderful example of a genuinely used Battle of Britain period Type B flying helmet by Wareings of Northampton. Superbly made, heavily padded crown, with a diamond shaped label showing a woven date of 1938, neatly blacked out and handwritten 1939. Best of all this helmet is a size 4 extra-large - the largest size made. Leather is in excellent condition, with a few minor surface scuffs from use; interior chamois is grubby from hair cream residue and there is a worn area to the front were the chamois has literally worn through. Helmet retains leather covering on both Bennett's buckles, metal "V" tip on chin strap, one leather zip puller. No plastic telephone holders (these were often removed for comfort or better sound). I have added 2 original but previously unused sponge rubber pads to help keep its shape. This is one of those "if only it could talk" helmets. Classic B styling and superb shape. All B helmets are getting scarce, but size 4 helmets are almost impossible to find because very few were made - and for some reason that's what everyone wants. A lovely used example, by a desirable maker in the largest size and in great condition that just oozes character.


Excellent pair of RAF Mk IVB goggles complete with flip-down polarizing sun screen.


One of the best pairs of Mk IVB goggles I've come across in a long time. Show little use or wear, and while the small rubber bumper pads have hardened, they have not melted and spread and remain intact. Frames are excellent with 99% original paint. Lenses are clear, without delamination. Springs are good, strap is excellent, with crisp, clear embossing and maker marked WS & S (William Stevens and Son). Flip screen mechanism is perfect and screen is clean with very little warping and a few surface scratches. Lather strap and nosepiece, and chamois backing are all clean and soft. Overall an excellent pair. Mk IVB goggles were announced in AMOs in June 1940 and were most certainly available for issue during the Battle of Britain and compliment both the Type B and Type C helmets.


RAF Type E* oxygen mask (reproduction by Sefton Clothing) with unissued Type 25 microphone.


This is my last one! A first class replica of the Type E* oxygen mask, made from a mould cast from an original mask and finished using all genuine original wartime parts (elasticated webbing strap, hardware, nose-piece, valve, inlet tube and chamois. Visually indistinguishable from an original, but the rubber has a slightly different feel and will not perish, harden, melt or collapse, making it ideal for re-enacting or display, without fear of damage or loss. Fitted with an original blanking plate, but I will include an unissued Type 25 microphone to which  the buyer can attach their own cord and plug. Microphone is excellent, with original rubber sealing ring and lovely Air Ministry markings. 


WWII US Army issue general purpose OD wool and leather gloves size 9.


Heavy wool gloves with leather palms. General purpose issue for drivers, mechanics, etc. and undoubtedly also worn by aircrews especially gunners and those in exposed or prone positions. Excellent condition with good woven spec. labels in  both gloves indicating size and manufacturer. No damage, appear unissued.


WWII US Navy Pararaft Repair Kit (partial).


Another uncommon accessory for the WWII USN Pararaft kit, the Repair Kit comprises a piece of rubberized fabric approximately  12" x 6", 4 circular patches 2" in diameter amd 4 wooden leak stoppers, 2 large and two small (which nest inside the large ones). Missing are the tube of cement and the scissors, but the remaining pieces are unused. The glue on the circular patches has hardened and they have stuck together. Perhaps soaking or warming them will separate them but they will display OK as is.


Signed photograph of Eagle Squadron pilot Gene Fetrow.


Wonderful 8" x 10" b/w photograph  of Pilot Officer Gene Fetrow, 121 Eagle Squadron, RAF. Fetrow stands by the tail of a Spitfire and wears a C helmet, G mask, Mk III goggles and Bausch & Lomb sunglasses plus his seat type parachute and B-3 life vest over an oversize coverall. It is signed in the top right hand corner. This is an old print from an old and well established collection and goes back to the days before everyone had to have a COA to prove it was original. It is what it is so please don't ask! A genuine and original Eagle Squadron signature. Minor creases but great condition.


RAF razor blade escape compass.


Smuggled in care packages from home (but never Red Cross parcels) to Prisoners of War to assist in escaping, this razor blade is marked with a double broad arrow indicating it is magnetized and can be used as a compass, either by floating it on water or hanging it from a thread. Minor rust stain does not detract. has its inner tissue and outer paper wrappers. Fleet brand (one of several brands utilized for escape aids). Not common.


Incredible WWI RAF pilot's trunk with ultra-rare horizon blue + green (khaki) uniforms, RFC Transfer Card, history etc.


A rare and superb find. A well documented grouping of two early RAF uniforms: the first pattern green (khaki) uniform tunic + matching trousers and the ultra rare "horizon" blue (light blue) uniform tunic, both belonging to one man. These come with the owner's tin trunk which is named to N. P. Longden RAF (Noel Percy Longden) together with his RFC Training Transfer Card and significant research from the National Archives, copies from the London gazette etc. and family history about Longden, who started as a gunner with the Royal Horse Artillery before transferring to Royal Flying Corps (which became the Royal Air Force). The green uniform shows almost no wear or use - not surprisingly - Longden would have ordered this upon receiving his commission in the RAF in February 1918, complete with a superb pair of early 1918 RAF pilot wings. In April 1918, the light blue uniform was authorized, and Longden most likely ordered one immediately, retiring the green uniform almost before he wore it. Neither jacket nor trousers show any signs of wear. The blue tunic shows a little more wear - though it was phased out in September 1919. There are some very small snags, but nothing serious. It has a magnificent set of bullion wire wings and his Great War medal ribbons. An incredibly rare and absolutely superb set.


RARE RAF concealed battledress belt buckle escape compass.


One of Clayton Hutton's most ingenious ways of concealing a compass was to hide the magnetized needle under a sliding flange on the central post of a BD belt buckle, which was then concealed by the wool serge of the belt and invariably escaped detection. These were issued to RAF aircrews and pilots so that in the event of being shot down over enemy lines they could use the compass to find their way back - and even if captured, all but a very thorough search would not reveal the compass. Escape tools are difficult to come by and highly sought after. A great example which still works perfectly!


RARE RAF Union Flag from Beadon Suit escape / survival kit.


Also carried in the Arctic and Jungle survival kits, but perhaps well known for its use as part of the Beadon Suit survival kit. Small (9" x 6" / 230mm x 152mm)

linen printed flag well marked with RAF stores Ref. No., broad arrow and dated 1945, in excellent condition


RAF wool socks as issued with the Beadon Suit survival kit.

It was considered very important to have a change of socks, especially after wearing the thick heavy socks for flying at altitude which were hardly suitable for walking in - and particularly in the jungle, although these were  issued with all survival packs, including the Beadon Suit, Arctic and jungle kits. Blue grey wool in excellent, probably unissued condition - couple of very small moth nips to one foot. Great labels still attached and dated 1944. Incredibly rare item.


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Superb original WWI WRAF photograph


Excellent and large fornat original photograph showing three women of the WRAF in WWI. an outstanding example of the uniforms they wore c.1918-19.  Approx. 4" x 6" with slight creasing / cracking at bottom corners.


£28 / $35  / €30  email for more details