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Superb original WWI WRAF photograph


Excellent and large fornat original photograph showing three women of the WRAF in WWI. an outstanding example of the uniforms they wore c.1918-19.  Approx. 4" x 6" with slight creasing / cracking at bottom corners.


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AAF pilot / aircrew shoulder holster for the Colt M-1911 semi-automatic pistol. 


Lovely used-but-not-abused example of the Colt .45 M-1911 

shoulder holster by Enger-Kress. Undated but unmistakably WWII military issue by its markings. Leather is well seasoned and in great shape with some verdigris on the metal fittings. Has what appears to be a serial number painted on the inside of the pistol compartment.




RAF Sea Boot Socks.


Quite rare to find these days. Heavy, cream coloured wool socks worn over the uniform socks inside the flying boots for extra warmth. Show use and a couple of small holes (though none in the foot area) and retain partial ink stamped markings: the broad arrow is visible on both, and part of the maker's name and date is visible on one (looks like it might be 1941) and what also looks like size 11. Markings look the same but I would say one sock is perhaps a little shorter than the other, but they came as a pair (came with a pair of 36 pattern boots previously sold).


INCREDIBLY RARE RAF Type E Microphone Carrier Mask, complete with strap, wiring loom, receivers and RARE microphone adaptor.


One of the rarest items of headgear used by RAF aircrews; considerably more scarce than the Type D oxygen mask! This Type E Microphone Mask/microphone carrier is complete and in excellent condition. Made of khaki cotton drill and lined with linen, it has internal wire "shapers" to mould to the face. Fitted with the rare Type 54 adaptor to install the Type 26 microphone and wiring loom complete with receivers, cord and plug as well as its complete strap with two Bennett buckles and including the leather connector at the back. Well marked with A-crown-M Air Ministry mark and stores ref. information plus inspection stamps. Small stained area on strap, but no damage. The Type 54 rubber adaptor has hardened in position which is typical, with very slight loss at edge in the 1-2 o'clock position (less than 1mm and barely shows). Note: helmet is NOT included but is shown for display. An incredibly rare item.


1941 Pattern Life Jacket  floating light, unissued and in original box.


An unissued and unused example of the floating light for the 1941 pattern life vest, still in its original box as manufactured by General Electric Co. of England. As is so often the case, the rubber coating on the wires has hardened and is beginning to crack and shed, although the wiring is still secured by its original rubber band! No dings or dents and bulb is intact. Casing is blue/green and has a nice clear raised marking of the broad arrow and the Air Ministry stores. ref. number 5A/2728. These are getting much harder to find to complete the Mae West.


RARE RAF Battle of Britain Ops Room aircraft plotting indicators (set of 3).


A small quantity of extremely rare and historic ops room table/chart markers recently surfaced and were quickly devoured by collectors: Offered here are small plastic pointers which were used on the large scale table top charts to mark the position of approaching aircraft. I have one of each colour: red,  blue and yellow, which corresponded to the coloured triangles on the ops rom clock, denoting the time in the combat zone as well as the direction of flight. Will sell separately but prefer to offer as a set first.


RAF Type 48 microphone for the Type E, E* and G oxygen mask, unissued in box.

Box shows some external wear, microphone is in perfect condition, unissued and unused. Lovely early example with clear A-crown-M Air Ministry markings,  99% original paint, rubber pliable and cable clean and undamaged.


Incredible collection of Eagle Squadron autographs in one First Edition book.


The Eagle Squadrons by Vern Haugland, first edition, first printing, published 1979, and signed by the author and 28 of the Eagle Squadron pilots who were alive at the time. Signatures include Eric Doorly, Reede Tilly, Art Roscoe and many more (please study the photographs). This collection is of course impossible to repeat since almost all are now sadly gone. Book is also dedicated to a well known and high profile collector and researcher by the author. Book is in very good condition with very slight wear. A quite fantastic collection of Eagle Squadron signatures.


Wonderful battle worn RAF Type B flying helmet by Wareings, dated 1937.

This is one of those "if only they could talk" helmets (in many ways, it does speak!). Lovely battle worn Type B helmet which is actually in very good condition. The leather is soft and pliable; the chamois lining is intact though deeply soiled with hair oil. There are a few surface nicks and scratches to the leather suggesting it was definitely in some scrapes, but no real damage, no tears or holes, and no peeling or rotting. It has the attachment plate for Mk V spectacles on the left hand side, and clear evidence of where a matching plate was sewn on the opposite side, now missing (small stitch holes remain). This could easily be replaced if desired. Both Bennett buckles retain their leather covering; both zips work perfectly and retain their leather pullers. Chin strap lacks the metal tip. Bakelite receiver holders are present inside the ear cups, but have been crushed and though substantially complete have a few cracks and broken areas. I daresay receivers could be installed regardless. I have installed a NOS set of sponge pads to hold the shape of the cups. Helmet is a size 2 (medium) but generously fits o a standard male feature head. This is a great display helmet with great character and a meaningful history which we will sadly never know.  If you like everything in mint condition, this is not for you. If you like flying kit in good condition that was "there" - you won't find a better example.


Scarce Fleet Air Arm tropical Type D flying helmet, second pattern, c.1944.


Another excellent example of a helmet that definitely saw use! This is the Fleet Air Arm version of the Type D, tropical flying helmet, made from tan cotton twill, lined with satin and having rubber receiver housings incorporating entry for Gosport tubes in addition to radio receivers - a requisite of the Navy to allow inter-crew communication while maintaining radio silence. Helmet is overall grubby, inside and out, but shows no damage (other than a couple of the snaps having pulled through the first layer of the lining inside - which in no way affects the integrity of the helmet). This is the later version, designed for internal wiring, but none is fitted (this may have been removed or the helmet may have been used with Gosport tubes only). Nice clear broad arrow ink stamp and nomenclature  on the side - stores ref 22C/NIV (meaning Not In Vocabulary - which is how all naval issue flying kit was referenced since it was not available to the RAF). Leather is good and I have installed a pair of NOS sponge pads to help retain the shape. The RN FAA version of the Type D helmet is quite scarce and rarely found.


RAF Stopwatch Mk IIIA in great condition and good working order.


Approx. 5cm (2") diameter stopwatch for aircraft use, such as timing for navigation and on bombing runs. Stem winding, will run for  8-hours from fully wound.  White metal  case with white dial, blued hands and Arabic numerals and subsidiary minutes dial. Manufactured by Smiths Clocks and broad arrow marked on the dial. Engraved with  A.M. 6B/221 and 1943 date code to the rear (serial number and date code of 74197/43 is faint but can be clearly seen - it just resists being photographed!). Watch is in perfect working order,  very clean - perhaps the best of its type I have seen.


RAF Jacket, Other Airman's, with rank of Flight Sergeant (Navigator), dated 1941 with original insignia and belt.

Beautiful example of a jacket, other ranks, worn for all duties, both on the ground and in the air, prior to the introduction of the "Suits, Aircrew" (battledress). This is known as the "simplified" pattern, with pleated, flapped upper pockets but plain lower pockets without buttons. Blue grey wool serge, with correct pattern sergeant's stripes and flight sergeant's crowns, embroidered eagles to the upper shoulder and Navigator brevet/half-wing to left front. Correct brass buttons, correct matching detachable belt. In great condition (I can find one very tiny moth nip on the back of the collar). Great label inside with 1941 date, so a nice early piece which displays well. 


RAF internally wired (second pattern) Type D summer flying helmet.


A beautiful example of the dessert issue summer flying helmet, fully wired with correct Type 32 receivers, cord and plug. Tan cotton shell with satin lining, chamois internal donuts and elastic chin strap. Good rubber ear cups. Shows very light use and no wear. Size 2 (Medium). These helmets replaced the Type A cork "pith" helmets, officially for wear east of Malta, though they were used more extensively and were also popular with US aviators when they could get hold of one.


RAF Mk II Ration Tin 27P/7 for survival kits and Beadon Suit. 


Standard issue in all dinghy survival kits as well as the jungle and Arctic survival packs and the Beadon suit. Simple tin which was acked solid with barley sugar sweets, energy tablets, chewing gum and the infamous malted milk tablets. Instructions printed on the inside of the lid and contents printed on the back. Very good condition, no damage and ony light surface abrasion, with rubber sealing ring still intact inside rim of lid. No contents.